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Tragic Banjo

Creator Beach House Alternate Build - LEGO Store

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When one considers the absolutely necessary essentials for any city, a LEGO store is obviously near the top of the list, ranking just below a hospital and maybe a grocer. So with that in mind I built this today, using only pieces from 4996 Beach House (apologies for the poor photography):


The red tile is obviously just a placeholder until I can get one of these beauties. Also note the display sets in the windows, microscale renditions of Lighthouse Island and a Ninjago castle.


A look inside - roof hinges open from the front for access.


Here we can see the shelves, two-tiered display table, and Pick-A-Brick bins. The stock is a little sparse at the moment; maybe they're still waiting on a delivery?


The opposite corner, showing checkout counter and doorway to the back. Isn't that nice, the employees have an open-air stock/break room... or maybe the contractor just skimped on the budget because he didn't have enough bricks to enclose the space.

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