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Review of Alien Conquest's 7049 Alien Striker

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In year 2011 LEGO has released new Alien Conquest series, which formally goes into Space theme... Since it's one of the action themes, the conflict is simple: the bad Aliens are invading the Earth and the Alien Defense Unit (ADU) is Earth's last hope (too simple compared to Futuron-Blacktron-Space Police 1)

The set 7049 is under review toady... It's the smallest set in the series, named Alien Striker/

Let's ask the Kingdom's clown to give us a hand with review...

It's easy to compare the minifig with the instructions/set package. The MSRP is $5, however the series it not not in the official list in Russia, so it's ~$11 here. So here's what we got for USD 5(10 for unlucky Russians)


The first page gives rules on how to handle your new LEGO^ do not assemble on the carpet, sort by color etc. Also one can notice minifigures assembly steps, unchanged in 30 years!


Random page shows a few steps of easy building:


Now we come to the list of parts page, and the clown blasts with crying - too few parts for the amount paid!!!


However, clown's face completely changes when we come to the page with all AQ sets and LEGOclub advertisement: clown's smile is now almost as wide as LEGOclub Max has!


Now we turn to the package... Still no idea, why it costs so much...


After thorough sorting, we have all the parts to build Alien's microspeeder:


Then with a few easy manipulations, the parts are converted into small speeder, and the pilot has to have tank driver's experience to handle this flying thing using two levers one on each side of the "cockpit"


The blasters - have you fancied anything else? - are located in front of pilot, however official pics do not show any laser blasts...

In the back of the speeder we have repulsor engine's outtakes and grills similar to the ones used by modern fighter planes during take-off/landing in dusty conditions


There are only three extra patrs, however the round 1*1 in purple and trans-light blue are quite nice and useful


Now we turn to the things most sets are bought for - the minifigs!

This is what we have straight out of the box


The lime thingie in it's own plastic package looks like something the word "CHINA" on the box has been referring to... The something LEGO produces using extended line capabilities...

Let's take a closer look at the pieces:


The new azure color of ADU's agent is his suit's material...


The torso has print on both sides, as long as the headpiece . The "agents", "power miners" and "atlantis" tradition is here - one of the face prints is heroic, the other is vice versa


Withe the helmet from SPIII on, the difference is very small, as expected. By the way, now we have this type of headgear in 4 colors: dark bley, white, black and azure!

The key element of the new Alien invader in his (it's?) head piece:


Is it lime enough to fit "those green creatures"? Is the brain big enough to not fit the skull?

Yes on both questions!

The Alien's suit is quite nice


However, no printing on the back. Any reason for this economy? The Aliens are short of specific resources? Then what do they want on Earth?

100% complete Alien


The artist and sculptors of LEGO shoud be proud of this minifigure - it'll fit into any collection!

And the last bonus is the shot of the wonderful accessories included in the set!


Hooray, LEGO!!! At last you've listened to fans!!! Stop BL scalpers, selling trans-clear visors at weird prices!!! Now we have TWO of these in the smallest set!!! The all-new blaster is my favorite! The ADU agents are equipped with powerful weapon now!


This is a great advance, taking into account LEGO's attitude to "real-looking" guns!


Please note, this is NOT an example of xenophobia (also note the hairpiece is NOT included!)

Here's somrthing going in the alternative universe, where Aliens are winning!



nice minifigures

cool accessories


no official supplies in Russia, overpriced due to this fact

the Alien's speeder is primitive


= MUST HAVE for each and every one!

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Great review. I like this set, but I really like the blaster and the minifigs :thumbup:

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Thanks for this review, Zeek! (Oh, and beautifully crisp pictures, too)

As a standalone set, this isn't anything spectacular, but it complements the rest of the Alien Conquest sets nicely. This is also a really good little army builder set for those who are into that.

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