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Alien Conquest! Those are some of my favorite words. :grin: As soon as I had heard about this theme I was quite eager to get some of the sets, and then when the pictures were posted online I was very happy to find that I really like the Aliens. (Okay, the Alien Defense Unit guys are pretty sick too) I immediately wanted the whole line of sets. This is the first review, hopefully, of the whole line.


Set Number: 7049

Pieces: 42

Price: $4.99

Ages: 6-14

Minifigs: 2

Theme: Alien Conquest

Year of Release: 2011





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Stop the alien invader!

The alien defense unit soldier is on the look out for an alien invader speeding around the city. Stop the outer space bully from capturing anything he can get his suckers on! Dodge the striker’s laser guns and send the bug eyed invader back to where he came from!



Here we see the front of the box. The art on the boxes of the sets really stands out too me. The Alien Conquest logo and the background art are some of the coolest work Lego has done this year.


On the back of the box, we have an alternate picture. In this case it's of the Alien off of his "ship" and running towards the ADU soldier. I think it seems kind of silly that the ADU soldier is firing his gun in the wrong direction and that the alien is running towards the guy with a gun!


This time the 1:1 image is of the ADU soldier's helmet. Lego has really started expanding on what they put on the top of the box. We’ve seen the put the helmet on the box, minifigures, and other small bricks. I find it really neat that they've expanded on what the put on the box.



Ah the manual. The front has the usual wide-screen image that's the same as the box art. Did I mention that I really like the Alien Conquest logo? :grin: Here we can also see more of the road that Lego has edited into the picture. I don't know about other countries, but I'm pretty sure they don't have Green roads!


Once you get to page three of the manual you can see the very cool Green fading effect that Lego has done to the background of the manual. I really like Green, and it adds to the "alien” feel of the set.


On the pages where there's room. Lego has made up some Alien writing and wrote something in the upper right-hand corner of the instructions. It really adds to the "alien" feel of the set to me.


And near the back of the manual we have a rather squished ad for the whole line of Alien Conquest sets. Notice that "51" on bottom middle of the road? I do believe that Lego is trying to imply that this is supposed to be inside Area 51. What do you think?



Now that we've finally opened the set, we see that there are two things fall out, an instruction manual and a bag holding the 46 parts. (Do note that this includes extras. :wink: )


Okay now we've gotten to the new/rare parts of the set! We have the much coveted trans-clear visor, one of the 1x3 slope pieces, and the Alien Defense Unit Soldier's gun. All of them are great additions to my collection. I can't wait to use that gun in a MOC.


And here are our spare parts! Most people will be happy to know that there is an extra trans-clear visor, and I'm happy that we get an extra 1x1 round trans-light blue stud. I can never get enough of those!



We've gotten to my favorite part, the minifigures! I'm really loving the ADU Soldier's general design. The armor print, the helmet, and the leg print. It all adds up to make an amazing figure that I can't wait to get more of. Now don't get me wrong, the Alien, who is an Alien Trooper by the way, is great too! Again the body print is great, but that molded head. :sweet: It's so angular but it's a perfect Lego design.


Only the ADU Soldier figure has back printing. I would like to see some sort of armor print on the back of the Alien too, but since Lego has not put it on him now, I doubt they're going to change him. :hmpf_bad:


Of course only the ADU figure has a double sided head. I quite like this face; it has a sort of surprised/puzzled face that I really think is fitting.

The Build:


During steps 1-8 most of the "ship" has taken shape. As you can see it starts out quite small then you build outwards from the main body to make it a bit larger around.


Then from steps 9-14 you complete the "ship." During these last five steps it really starts to take shape, and get larger.

Complete Model:


Here we see the completed set in its glory. While I think that the Alien is no match for the super cool ADU Soldier, you may think otherwise. You can also get a general idea of what size the "ship" is.


Front 3/4 view. Nothing too special happening here, the Alien can hold onto both control levers, it does take a bit of adjusting to make him hold the right though. He has those little "gun," (1x1 round cones) that could be used to shoot back at the ADU Soldier.


And a back 3/4 view. The round shape of the ship makes it really easy and fun I might add, to hold in your hand. I can just visualize a little kid swooshing this around his living room and attacking the Soldier. :grin:

Final Thoughts:

Now that I've built the set I realize that I'm happier with it then I thought I would be. The set gives you two of the amazing new figures from the line and a small ship. I really consider the small sets "sampler sets" because they give you a good way to build an army of identical figures, and give you an idea of what the rest of the sets are like. It's a great small introductory set to the Alien Conquest line.


Playability: 8/10 The playability isn't bad. I'm more of a builder myself, but Lego has made sure that the Alien on his "ship" could battle the ADU soldier.

Design: 6/10 I felt the design was lacking in a few places. Okay just one place, the "ship." Though I can't say I expected more from one of the small sets. I do like the generic roundish shape of it though.

Price: 8/10 The price was fairly average for a set of this size. I'm very pleased with my purchase; the minifigures really make up for the smallness of the set.

Minifigures: 9/10 Ah the minifigures. Now I'm sure you know that I do like these minifigures. The Alien Trooper is great, and the ADU Soldier is amazing! The only reason I'm not giving this set a 10 out of 10 is because I prefer the Alien Pilot. :grin:

Parts: 8/10 There were actually a fair number of rare, at least to me, parts in this set. I can never have enough of those 1x3 curved bricks.

Total: 39/50 A 39 out of 50. Fairly good for this cool Alien Conquest set.


"Agh! Those are his brains!"

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Thanks for another great review of this set. The photos are much better than on the first review, although I'm glad the first review was posted too since it has been up for a while now and it is nice to get an early opinion on the set.

As I said in the other thread, my son bought this set yesterday and it's a great way to build an army of the aliens and ADU members. The alien ship isn't very good at all, but the parts used to make it are quite useful. So definitely a great value for $5. I compare this to the army builder in the Kingdoms line and it sells for $7, so this is a much better value.

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Nice. This set is okay, but the figs are great, and there are nice parts.

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Thanks for the review, MB!

I completely agree that this makes for a nice little parts pack, as well as a fine army builder (the alien in this set sure is a great stand-in for the Mangalore ones in The Fifth Element).

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Thanks for the review. Good quality pictures :wub:. IMO the new helmet along with the new astranault suit in the atlantis is bad more than good. The design is great but not able to lift the vision is sucks big time :hmpf:.

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Lovely review. I may have to get some of these. :thumbup:

Thanks for the review, MB!

I completely agree that this makes for a nice little parts pack, as well as a fine army builder (the alien in this set sure is a great stand-in for the Mangalore ones in The Fifth Element).

That would make for some nice MOC's. Maybe the airport scene or the cab chase. :sweet:

(Now you've got me thinking of Leeloo again :blush:)

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