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Mister Phes

What is the Creative Critic?

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What Is it?

The Creative Critic is an initiative in which we award prizes to those who leave the best constructive feedback on contest entries.

We’re looking for feedback entrants can use to improve their entries, or after entries close, it can be an opportunity to review each entry and leave final thoughts. So carefully analyze each entry and explain what you like and what you don’t like, but make sure you elaborate why!

If you don’t like something, convey it in an objective tone as it’s unnecessary to be rude or insulting. Also, if possible suggest improvements or assist the entrant to overcome problems.

There Be Prizes!

We take the Creative Critic seriously enough to reward the best critics with LEGO prizes. So seriously we’ve matched the Creative Critic prizes to the Building and Story Contest prizes. As you can see each division has its own Creative Critic component.


The winners will be determined by Staff after voting the contest winners has closed.

Got A Question

Feel free to ask in this thread.


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Hi, in a bid to gain a POTC set i am questioning what the term "Creative Critic" is.

If this is something i have missed or was a separate division, please let me know but, if not what is it?

And how do i enter?

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Yes, you've missed it alright!

Check out the What is the Creative Critic? thread and ask any further questions there.

In fact, these two threads will be merged in the not too distant future.

Edited by Mister Phes
Merged threads and info became obsolete

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