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Review :LEGO PotC Video Game


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Title: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Theme: Video game

Year of release: 2011

RRP: AU $90

Set number:30132 (included)


The promo box (not included)


The Special edition box (with dust cover)


Under the dust cover (and dust cover back)


What's in the Box?

1) Lego Pirates or the Caribbean PS3 game

2) LEGO Club Free Membership

3) Exclusive Voodoo Captain Jack Sparrow Minifigure.

4) Mini strategy guide

5) Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end DVD


The game play: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is a 3D platform adventure game sporting the best graphics in a LEGO game to date. The game play focuses on character specific tools such as swords, shovels, muskets, hammers, the compass and fiddles (that's right, play that fiddle and when the enemy are in a good old fashion hoe down, you start swinging that six string, good times) all these are essential to solve the puzzles and reach true pirate status.

For the animal fans "thar be plenty of beasties" to ride, spy and get gobbled up by.......Sea turtles anyone.

The game can be played in "Co-op" utilising the dynamic splitting screen method where the screen breaks in two as the players leave a single frame. the two screens then continue to rotate in respect to the players position to one another, when the players become close the screens meld together to create a single frame again. A good feature that makes playing it with the kids that much more fun.

In true LEGO fashion the game can not be completed by playing it once. You must return to each location and unlock more puzzles after playing through all four movies. LEGO food plays a big role in the game and it's great to see it all over the place ( I wish I had all those pieces ). Nothing like a carrot to get that stubborn mule moving and my personal favourite the all mighty fish slap.

There are over 80* playable characters most of which you would want in your collection at home, if you saw them in the movies then they're in the game.

*This includes multi versions of a single character.

Story mode: The game is split up into 4 chapters each one represented by one of movies and each movie contains 5 levels to play through plus one hidden level to unlock. In this mode you use pivotal characters to work your way through the levels and enjoy the cut scenes along the way.

Free play mode: Here is where you get the whole kit and caboodle at your finger tips, play through again to unlock all the secrets (including 20 micro ships) using the whole cast of the PotC saga.

The Cut Scenes: As always humour is the biggest element of LEGO's PotC story line. Taking those most memorable movies scenes and turning them on their heads is what they do best and if you enjoy a laugh don't miss this one it's a gem.

The graphics: Much like the LEGO games before it POTC takes place in a pre-rendered world (see pic) with not a great deal of brick built structures. Though we do see a brick built-ish Black Pearl amongst other ships that look like they are made from LEGO pieces but some of the building methods are not realistic. The Minifigures are superbly rendered and a pleasure to behold, Jake Sparrow Shines here oozing character with flailing arms to boot. Characters unseen in minifig form (yet) are greatly detailed with some really cool accessories, especially Davy Jones and crew. As mentioned earlier this is the most visually stunning LEGO game yet.

Summing up : Travellers Tales have once again delivered a nicely polished game and with the help of Disney Interactive have captured beautifully the atmosphere of the Pirates of the Caribbean in LEGO form.

A great buy for any fan of the POTC movies, LEGO games, or LEGO in general.

In game shots



A closer look at what you get:



My favourite extra is "Voodoo Jake Sparrow" a great exclusive Minifigure. To see more on this great Minifigure see Captain Green Hair's review of the 30132 poly bag.




The Mini game guide is a walk-through for the first level of "Curse of the Black Pearl"......I wont spoil that for you so lets leave it closed.


Summary review

Playability: 8/10 There is room for improvement (no ship to ship combat) but a solid game with plenty to explore

Design: 9/10 The bar has been raised for LEGO video games with this latest instalment.

Price:10/10 With an exclusive Minifigure, Free LEGO club membership and a DVD added to the game this was a steal!

Overall: 9/10 If your a fan of previous LEGO titles you need this game it rocks. I found myself spending hours , not progressing through the game just enjoying the scenery.

Edited by TazManiac

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Thank you for this good review! Unfortunately I don't have any of the right consoles for this game, but I'll try it on my brother's NDS.

It's great that there are so many extras with the game. And according to the screenshots and trailers it seems to give you a good laugh as well.

So anyway, I'm not sure when there's space on the blog again, but sooner or later this will be [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]

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I think it is the best Lego game yet, But it only took me a few days to get most of it complete, I love building up the Minikit ships.

Nice review :pir-classic:

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