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REVIEW: 30132 Voodoo Jack Sparrow

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Ahoy me hearties!!

Today Ill be bring'n ye a here review of 30132 Voodoo Jack Sparrow!

Me young lad used a map to a place that I beleive be called Amazon.

There, me young bucko found a great and rare treasure:

Name: Voodoo Jack Sparrow

Set Number:30132

Theme: Pirates Of The Caribbean

Sub-theme: On Stranger Tides

Number of parts: 4

Minifigs: 1

Anyway, me lad traded five gold coins for this here tresure, and returned it to me homeport. It came in a little bag, to keep the little fella safe:picture_001.jpg

Sorry for any bad pics, me hearties! A blasted shark ate me camera!

These are the here contents, yarghh:


Jacks hair be coming in a litle bag of it's own:


The treasure assembled:


Back Print'n!:


Me final score:

Figs: 10/10 This be a rare, fine little man, here!

Build: ?/? Really, there be no build here matey!

Price: Five gold coins (pounds) be good for a little guy worth twenty gold coins!

Overal: 9.5/10 Should've come with a good ol' bottle o rum or a weapon!

Bonus: :jollyroger:

That blasted Blackbeard be usin' Voodoo Jack against the real Jack!





G'day my hearties! Yar Har! :pir_laugh2:

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I would try retaking your pictures with better light.

Also I see the novelty of talking like a pirate but it turns into really poor english that gets hard to read, in the future please use proper english.

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Is that voodoo doll actually made out of wood?

Here's an image of the actual Jack Sparrow voodoo doll for us to contemplate...


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On Mr Phes his image you can see the extra painted eyes as Sparrow has in the second movie.

It's perhaps a bit strange they didn't make those on this minifig. On the other hand, that would perhaps end up almost the same as this one.

On your next review you could try to use a white floor as well (and no lines) and a better camera.

But anyway, thanks for this review :pir-classic:

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