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Saber 1


Saber 1 is the call sign of the Empire's greatest ace pilot Baron Soontir Fel of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing and it is the name of his TIE Interceptor. What started as a simple color swap, evolved into a rebuilt cockpit and extra detailing on the wings in the form of the red strips used by 181st. Baron Fel is made up of a standard TIE Pilot, Nizam's head and a standard black male hair piece.

First off, Baron Fel.


Front of the fighter.


Side of the fighter, featuring the red stripes of the 181st.


Rear of the fighter.


Top of the fighter.


Bottom of the fighter.


And a couple of quick comparison pictures between Saber 1 and a standard Lego Interceptor.



Edited by Knightsword

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Not bad, took a bit to see the mods but I think the colour is much better than the original blue. Good to see rare ships moced or modded. :thumbup:

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A very nice MOD Knightsword it's great to see this ship in grey and not the old blue., The personal and squadron touches are a nice touch as well.

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I just realized why the tie sets were all blue. The fighters were all part of the much less famous and much less stylish 182nd squadron.

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