for sale old technic

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All these numbers are for sale










All new,once built to take a foto.All with box en plan

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Noone can reach you as you posted no e-mail address and do not yet have the posts necessary to use the PM system.

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@ Benoni: Welcome to Eurobricks. Don't be surprised if this Forum Moderator moves your post to the "Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds" forum. You need at least 10 Eurobricks posts in order for the "Private Message" (PM) system to work for newcomers like yourself. People can contact you, and you can reply with PMs or e-mails once you exchange contact information.

Here are some tips for selling your Technic sets. Folks will want to know:

a) Do you ship worldwide, or only to Europeans?

b) What is the method of payment -- PayPal, bank transfer, cash, or other?

c) What is the CURRENCY you want to be paid with -- Euros, US Dollars, or something else?

d) (Most importantly) What are your PRICES? Do you want folks to give you a "Best Offer" which you can accept or reject?

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Welcome Benoni to EB.

Your post might attract more attention if you posted it in the right forum section. But i guess a admin will probably move it there soon.

Anyway you have a nice collection there.

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