"The Wotwentwong"

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Now, posting this here may seem somewhat controversial, given that it at first appears to be a "Historical Theme" MOC and a million miles away from "Classic Pirates". This may be true, but my logic is that it is a pirate ship, and also it fights against my more traditional pirate ship "The Sardines Revenge" in my latest film "Brickington Sails Forth! Episode Seven: Kung Fu Fightin'".

It is but a simple ship, made purely for the purposes of filming, and so detail is somewhat lacking.


In the film it is more over-crowded with Ninjas. This is because we all know many-ninja's = epic.


The Sail is the fore-sail from the old redcoat ship of which the name currently eludes me, I shall edit later!


And is held in place using that most noble and traditional of techniological tactics - wedging it in-place.



The ship has two small cannons on board it. As the film shows however, one should stand well back when they fire.


Again, I know this is not Classic Pirates, but I hope its been interesting as something different but related!

So, now that you've seen the ship, watch the action:

NEW 05/06/2011 - Episode Seven: Kung Fu Fightin'

Brickington and his men are on the hunt for the Bluecoats aboard the pirate ship "The Sardines Revenge". As the rain starts to fall, another Pirate Captain has other plans.

(I have no idea why this is playing in a small box... Click on it to watch it properly please! :) )

For the rest of the series, click here!

Thanks for reading! All C&C are of course more than appreciated!


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Great Britihs Comedy! :pir_laugh2: Love it! Except for the Samurai who sounds like he has been bricked in the privates a few times :pir-laugh:

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the ship is nice

but the rudder in the stern is missing, because it is typical of the Asian vessels

keep MOCing

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