LDD MOC: Mancala

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Have you heard of Mancala? It is one of the world's oldest board games and it helps people improve their counting skills!

It is featured in the Number 1 - 2000 issue of the Lego World Club Magazine!


Here's the download file if you're good at playing this game!

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I think I've played it, once or twice... I seem to remember it came on a carved wooden (or possibly stone or ivory) board.

As such, it's a nice idea, and your design is accurate in that it has twelve 'cups' to hold the counters; however, in LDD you have no limit to your brick selection, and I think you could perhaps improve the design by tiling the base of the cups and the around the top. Doing so will make it more playable as it'd be easier to get the round bricks back out of the cups.

Just a suggestion! :classic: Indexed.

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