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Heavenly Rocket

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The Terrazi Terrajin is one of my favorite vehicles in Ridge Racer 7--it looks and goes like a rocket! :laugh: Recently, I was inspired to build a model in LEGO Digitial Designer similar to the Terrajin with an angellic theme (for another one of my favorite vehicles, the Kamata Angelus).

The last time I made a Ridge Racer 7-inspired vehicle, it was the Hoverlego, inspired by the Assoluto Pronzione.

Without further ado, I now present the Heavenly Rocket. Click any picture to enlarge it.



Yes, it has steering! :grin: LDD won't allow it to go very far though...but then again, at angellic speeds, steering might not be of much help anyway. :tongue:


Check out the side profile!


The only view most opponents will ever get to see... :tongue: Yes, my model has only one rear wheel. I originally wanted two, but one worked out nicely.

One aspect I really like about the Terrajin is the awesome panels that deploy when the nitrous is engaged. The Heavenly Rocket also has these, plus a few small winglets for extra stability.


Focus towards the back...


VROOM! :laugh:


If you are seeing this, you might as well say goodbye to first place!


Here's the pilot, Angela, in the cockpit (yes, that steering wheel really works!)

LXF File - Brickshelf Gallery (when public)

Is this machine race-ready, or does it need to go back to the garage?

-Toa Of Justice

June 1, 2011: Edited for grammar.

Edited by Toa_Of_Justice

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An interesting design concept. I think the windscreens work pretty well as cover for the boosters. The functional classic TECHNICĀ® steering system is also a nice feature. :classic:


~ Christopher

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Nice work. I too love the use of the cockpit pieces; the SNOT sides are nicely shaped, and the steering is a great touch.

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Another very well designed vehicle Toa, I really like the unique concept of this futuristic racer, and the overall smoothness coupled with the clean white color scheme really makes this one sleek and cool-looking vehicle. Great job once again! :thumbup:

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I really love this one! One of the best I've seen in the forum so far. :wub: Elegant, smooth, obviously extremly fast. And white. Lovely! Inspiring!

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