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Mister Phes

Picture Caption Challenge - FAQ

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Picture Caption Challenge - ENDED

The challenge has ended so vote and you could win a prize yourself!


The Mission

To write a witty or intriguing comment on this image.

You have from now until 11:59PM/23:59 UTC±0 June 2nd 2011 to complete your mission after which comments will be judged by users in this forum.

CLICK HERE to leave your comment now!

The Prizes


1st 6240 Kraken Attackin’

2nd 8396 Soldier’s Arsenal

3rd 8397 Pirates Survival

The Rules

There is no registration, but your comment will be taken into consideration providing it meets the following criteria:

Your comment is on the correct picture. Comments will not be accepted in this thread or anywhere else.

Your comment is made prior to the conclusion date.

We will only accept your first comment, subsequent comments will be ignored.

You, your friends, family or coworkers must not register additional Facebook accounts to submit comments.

If your comment wins a prize you must be able prove you are the author. It is also your responsibility to claim your prize.

Comments must not contain anything deemed offensive.

We reserve the right to delete any comments we decide are inappropriate.

All questions are to be asked in this thread. Questions submitted via Facebook, Email, the Contact Form or other communication mediums will be ignored.

You agree to all the rules in this thread and all the Fine Print.

The Judging

Judging will take place in the LEGO Pirates Forum from June 3 rd till 11:59PM/23:59 UTC±0, June 10th 2011.

Each voter will be granted 3 points and may allocate them to the comment(s) he or she deems worthy of winning. More than one point can be awarded to the same comment, providing the combined total of points does not exceed 3.

A judging thread will be created for voters to allocate points and leave comments regarding the entries.

If there are insufficient votes will determine the winners.

The Questions

Why not just do it all in the Forum?

This is an initiative for those who follow our Facebook page… And a warm up for our much larger Forum and Mailing List contests soon to be revealed…

Why not just do it all on Facebook?

Facebook’s guidelines create many formalities so it’s easier if we conduct things here.

I don’t have a Eurobricks Account but what if I win?

After judging concludes an Email address will be provided for winners to claim their prize.

As winners cannot be announced over Facebook it will be up to the winners to follow this thread, the blog or the Mailing List for further information.

If a prize is not claimed within 14 days of the conclusion of voting the winner will forfeit their prize.

I don’t have a Eurobricks Account but I have a question

You’ll need to register an account.

How long does it take prizes to arrive?

Up to 6 weeks and we will not be responding concerns about prizes before this period. We also take no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to your prize during transit.

The Fine Print

We reserve the right to modify the rules or dates of this initiative without notice. We are under no obligation to release prizes if a winner is not determined or this if initiative is abused in any way. We may ban/block you from any of our websites or social profiles if we determined your behavior to be inappropriate. We take no responsibility for any ill consequences arising from your participation. “Participation” includes reading or interacting with any medium concerning this initiative. This initiative is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. This initiative is taking place in the LEGO Pirates Forum hosted on Eurobricks ( You must have a valid Eurobricks account to vote for the winner.

Commenting on the picture uploaded to Facebook DOES NOT automatically enter you into this initiative. You must first read and agree to the rules in this thread, The Fine Print and all Terms and Conditions on Secondly, if we require, you must verify your participation in writing. The decision of staff is final and no recourse is available. If you do not agree to these conditions you will not be considered a participant of this initiative.

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