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Actually, there's no diamonds in this MOC at all. I seriously doubt that ship looks like the diamond itself.

But hey, it seemed like a cool name for ship that belongs to female bounty hunter. :laugh:



"Diamond" by hrcywindu, on Flickr


"Diamond" by hrcywindu, on Flickr

The story:

Sinna Annis was bounty hunter who lived in Outer Rim.

Her parents died when she was young, and planet where

she was born was striked with civil war. Life is hard.

Since she had no job and no money it was clear: be criminal or die, because

there's no good jobs during the civil war. Only one thing is needed: money.

She first started smuggling for some drug dealers and sold weapoons on black market to both sides in war.

After someone send two assassins to get rid of her (competition on black market) she decided to ran away

from the planet right after killing them. Although they had lightsabers, her blaster shooting skills and a bit of luck

were enough to take them down. She took their lightsabers as a trophey and since then, they are her main weapon.

Sinna bought starfighter in horrible condition, but after blackmailing one mechanic she got her ship fixed

and painted for a cheap price. Since there's no landing gear on her starfighter she must find wierd places

to land it on (edges of different things). It's protected from falling from the edge with strong magnets, but

in case there's nothing to land on, or it's a quick job, she just leaves it to hover in the air.

Left engine can even change it's position for easier manuevars and there's a lot of

thrusters on back of the ship (for quick chases and easy run-aways).

Unfortuantely for her, ship is armed with only two blaster cannons (that are often enough to do the job).It has good shield and armour, but was that enough?

Rest of the pictures:





Those are green lightsabers actually, but this way they look much more realistic.

Picture without all that Brightness and Contrast settings:

All pictures here:

I hope you like it!

Please C&C!

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Very interesting and well-done personal starfighter Stardusty! I love the unique asymmetrical shape and the nice usage of that cockpit piece, as well as the overall smooth design and rear thruster details. Good job and best of luck! :thumbup:

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