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[LDD MOC] Hell Hound Fighter

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"Hound" was a first serious project of Metal Rain Industries and ParaCoreShell, which task was to create the fighter for planetary orbits, battles within asteroid fields and in starships' encirclement; and also for flights in atmosphere.

However, when the prototype has been finished, the very first test has shown that this ship could accomplish independent flight even between planets and, if it will be necessary, between stars. The datachable cockpit could be used as life-pod for pilot, which will allow him to hold on in the cold of open space enough for help's coming. The wings could turn down, providing basis at landing.

When test flight has been ended by pilot's landing not on the native planet - Gaia - but on the remote planet of Energon, which placed in the same planetary system, the major designer has get a whistle and said: "Well, guys, we've made a real Hell Hound." Since that moment these interceptors has received their present name.


Engines: Three chemical fuel-based engines.

Crew: One human

Weaponry [hasn't been showed on current screenshots, but LXF-model has it]: Blasters on the wings and hull, plus laser gun on the top.

Gadjets: Has been equipped with the same system of energy assignment as Shark Hovertank has and also by powerful radar system. Has additional fuel tank, plus life support system directly in the cockpit.

Moar pics:













Get the LXF-file from Brickshelf

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Very nice starfighter design -N13OS-, particularly the angled cockpit and the TIE-like wings with landing mode functionality. Good job and I'll be adding this to the LDD MOC Index. :thumbup:

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Oh, thank you, KielDaMan! I honestly never been thinking that my model could be indexed. =)

It seems that I am lucky to have a designer talent. ^^

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