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Maerimydra a is a dark elves city ("Drow"), located in the Underdark.


This is an abandoned Drow city, looted by adventures bands, druegars and lonely fire giants. Like most of Drow cities, this one was always fighting, sometimes with other cities, other times within itself.Finally, it was attacked by demon, conquered, and Drow were enslaved. It was occupied with demon's fire giants, then abandoned. Now, it's just another ruin in Underdark


Of course, what is a ruin without adventurers? Due to the fact that fate of one of this adventurers is particularly interesting for one fined, there is also a solar near by, trying not to take his eyes for the monster and his evil plans! :)



You can find all of pictures here

Pictures of the minifigs you can find in Minifigs

Here you can see some other Drow cities from me:


Ched Nasad

Ust Natha



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Another great Drow City MOC Angeli, it's always nice to see your passion in creating more and expanding your unique and interesting kind of castles. And as always, the accompanying custom figs are equally-impressive. :thumbup:

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