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[MOC] HUMVEE with turret

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This is an update or Version 1.2 of my Humvee. Inspired by more U.S. Special Forces modified Humvees. I have added a turret to the top and swing arm mounted M249 to the passenger side. I also took out the dark green pieces and changed the overall camoflauge pattern by incorporating more black and dark tan colors. I think it gives it a much meaner look now with this particular color scheme. The machine gun in the turrent is also a M249 as no one out there that I know of makes a Lego version of a .50 caliber machine gun (as of yet, hope, pray, hope). The turret took me two days of off and on building to come up with the hinge design and side to side action needed to make it positionable plus the fact of how small of an area it needs to fit into but also not interfering with being able to put four minifigs in the Humvee.



img_4263.jpg The brown monopod handle is from Brickarms, I didn't have one in black in my collection to use.



img_4266.jpg "Hey my helmet is on backwards" I like using the flesh colored double sided faces for multiple expressions




img_4278.jpg The start of a convoy?

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AWESOME mil spec vehicles and in cammo as well ! :thumbup:

Great work on detailing the can see what factory they came from eh ? :grin:

Maybe I could suggest another with a chain gun on top....sorry I've watched too much Mythbusters ! :laugh:

Brick On 'gcanik' ! :grin:

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Certainly looks better and more deadly with the added gun turret. Now you have two, I wish I could have one of that. :cry_happy:

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