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[MOC] Historic trimaran "Messenger"

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Hello folks,

Last night I had a disturbing dream about not being able to finish a brick-built trimaran. As there was no real trimaran in my project list I thought it might be nice to build one.

So here is my absolutely not-accurate historical trimaran for the bluecoats!

The "Messenger" is a light little ship built for relaying messages, patroling the coast and scouting. There is a crew of one ensign and four seamen and it is only armed with two swivel guns. Neither the rigging nor the sails make much sense but it was a 1.5 hours fun-job I wanted to share with you. I am actually thinking about doing a proper one when the Centaur is finished. I hope you like it!


Bow von HMSCentaur auf Flickr


Deck von HMSCentaur auf Flickr


Swivel Guns von HMSCentaur auf Flickr


Stern von HMSCentaur auf Flickr


Main Hull von HMSCentaur auf Flickr

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Nice, I like the main hull, I don't really like the colors, I guess the large blue parts on the side-marans (?) defined the color when you designed it. But the shape is great, love it.

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It's a really nice model, it's complete and it seems to be completely playable. the only thing i could change is the choice of the blue color that makes it appear somehow modern, in spite of the guns in pirate's style.

This is the first trimaran i've seen in minifig scale, great job.

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for your information: I took the advice and remade the Messenger. Now it's a town-ship and can be found here

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