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Berry Syedow

The perilous pitfalls of grain transporting

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I'm a newby when it comes to space MOCs, so I hope you'll enjoy my latest installment.

The ship is a grain transport.

The captain is studiously reparing his ship when a space man decides he wants to commandeer the vessel to reap the grain profit. The captain assumes a defensive position and readies his extended wrench as a weapon. The space man is prepared for a quick fight, with a superior weapon and the upper ground at his aid.

A general view.

A different angle.

The courageous captain.

The dasterdly disputant.

And some Sizzilin' Snot!

Gallery when public.


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The ship is nice and useful. You don't see many ships designed as non-leathal. The colors I am not the most fond of. Too much gray or maybe it is the way you have it designed. I just don't like the way the colors look. The shape of the ship is nice though and your engines look really nice. I am a fan of the light blue windscreens on space ships but many people don't as it reminds them of town sets too much.

I like the air tube for the captain, it is very creative. The way you left some studs exposed and others covered let you know it is futuristic and at the same time a LEGO MOC.

Overall nice job. Maybe a little more dark gray or even some black might look nice. The captain should invest in a small blaster though. ;-)

MOC on!

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You'll probably be seeing a lot of mid-size to large gray creations from me because I lack the diversity of parts in other colors present in my gray collection. I'll try and see what I can do. ;-)

As for no blaster, I've been toying with the idea that guns and blasters are banned from areas with heavy space-traffic. Does anyone ever wonder how many bystander ships are hit by missed shots in Star Wars, and the like?

Thank you for your comments, SuvieD!

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