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Some Pirate MOC’s

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Once again my focus has shifted back to pirates, and my brother and I have been building a few things for our little pirate setup.

One of the things that I usually build for the pirates theme is a merchant ship, the pirates must have something to attack and plunder after all.


A little merchant ship, most parts of the ship are based on or inspired by various official LEGO ships that I own.

The figurehead is supposed to be a polar-bear, I got the idea for a polar-bear because of the “icy” blue and white colors of the ship.

The cabin, sorry about the slightly blurry picture, but the camera just wouldn’t focus on this one.

The backend of the ship with window and lantern.

The cargo hold. I’m surprised how many goods you can stuff into this ship despite it’s rather small hull. By the way, the cabin is also modular/removable which might not have been an all that bright idea from my side since the rigging makes it rather awkward.

The anchor mechanism in the frontend of the ship.


My other MOC this time around so far. A small prison that is somewhat inspired by the first POTC movie.

Say cheese! Just a warning to any would be pirates. The net is based on the one from the troll ship.

The other side of the prison. The dock is blatantly stolen from the Eldorado Fortress.

The hallway to the prison cells. On the wall we have some shackles, a torch and a key. The can doors open.

The interior of the prison, yes the roof is removable.

Open doors and a removable wall piece to free the poor Mr. Gibbs.

The gallows, complete with functioning trapdoor.

I’ll thank my brother for taking the pictures. There will be coming some more MOC’s soon, but the camera was running out of power.

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I like your merchant ship! It reminds me of the pirate sets of the early 90's.

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I agree the ship has that classic pirates feel. The small cell looks like it would fit right at home in an MOC as well.

Are these part of a bigger scene yet to come?

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Well, it will be part of a bigger scene, once I get the rest of it built.

I have gotten some fresh batteries, so here are some more pictures.


Bessie’s pirate bar.


The interior. Notice the trinkets on the shelves.

The interior of the rooms on the upper floor.


This is a ship that my brother built. We rather appropriately named it the FNS Sea Urchin.

The figurehead is supposed to be a sea urchin of cause.

The backend, this ship has guns everywhere.

The lower deck of the ship.


Lt. De Martinet looking very happy because he is in charge of the ship.

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Nice looking ships you have there! If i may say some improvments for the last one? I dont want to say do this or do that to you and your brother, but i would take the cabin away totally, and placing maby another mast over there so at the ship would get some more speed, or keep it one masted as it isnow. Secondly, where there are white bricks in the hull, you can easily put one more gun over there to get more fire power, between those two other cannons, ofcourse you would have to move those two cannons a bit.

And i like how you did that big yellow tavern over there, but maby you could put soe other colours inside of it, like red, brown, or blue chairs and tables, so it would look more intresting. Great work whit these overall.

Captain Becker

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Nice ships you have there, they look a lot like what you would expect from some of older sets.

Also I like the building, the second one looks very nice with all those printed bricks.

Great job :thumbup:

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Thanks for the comments so far.

As for the suggestions for improvements:


I was kind of lucky that I actually had 10 red chairs left among my spare parts. Some colorful bottles help too. It’s no longer the sea of yellow it was.

As for the Sea-urchin, we can’t really do much to change things on that one. My brother didn’t want to add more cannons because he didn’t want the ship to outgun our imperial flagship, and we don’t have any more cannon shutters. We have also more or less run out of extra masts and cloth sails.

There are also a few new creations.


My brother build this building. It’s based on the merchant building from Sid Meier’s Pirates! Gold edition.


The Interieur.

I on the other hand build another merchant ship.


I think it could be named the Red Robin after its colors and bird figurehead.

Back end. Lots of windows in this cabin.

Cabin interior.

A little view into the cargo hold and a view of my somewhat alternative way of attaching the mast because I don’t have any more spare “foot pieces” for it.

I do have a spare space in my town that I don’t know what to use for. I would like to put another building there, does anyone have some suggestions to what purpose the building could have?

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It has actually been a little while since I build these, but better late than never.

I was asking for ideas for buildings but I didn’t get any. I was considering an international house of mojo, but I picked a governor’s residence instead for having somewhere to put Elizabeth Swann.


My brother and I have actually built this one together.


It was mostly my brother who built the house, while I furnished it.


I have also built this little pirate cave for Blackbeard to use as a hideout once I eventually get him.

The backside is not particularly interesting, but here is a picture anyway.

My pirate town has now been completely filled with buildings, so I will probably update later with some picture of my mostly completed pirate setup later.

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Excellent creations 'Runamuck', oh and that is a huge red tea pot on the table ! :pir_laugh2:

Also great way to display components from the Captain's cabin POTC set. :pir-wink:

Brick On while drinking rum ! :pir-grin:

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