Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 4 Building Contest

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Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 3 Building Contest

[CATEGORY B Entries]


Get ready for a contest so exciting that you'll fourget your headgear!

Category B - Build the first Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1

Build an 16x16 vignette from any theme where you could display a complete customised unique 16 LEGO collectable minifigures that will be part of the inaugural launch of the Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1.

What are you going to design and build for your first Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1 in Category B?


Spaceman ~ Crash Test Dummy ~ Cheer Leader ~ Tribal Hunter ~ Robot ~ Ninja ~Clown ~ Magician

Forestman ~ Wrestler ~ Caveman ~ Deep Sea Diver ~ Nurse ~ Skater ~ Zombie ~ Cowboy


Mexican ~ Weightlifter ~ Pop Star ~ Traffic Cop ~ Lifeguard ~ Jungle Explorer ~ Spartan ~ Vampire

Pharaoh ~ Witch ~ Mime Artist ~ Ringmaster ~ Karate Master ~ DJ ~ Surfer ~ Skier


Space Alien ~ Snowboarder ~ Fisherman ~ Samurai Warrior ~ Sumo Wrestler ~ Elf ~ Tribal Chief ~ Rapper

Space Villain ~ Hula Dancer ~ Tennis Player ~ Mummy ~ Gorilla Suit Guy ~ Baseball Player ~ Race Car Driver ~ Pilot


Viking ~ Mad Scientist ~ Lawn Gnome ~ The Monster ~ Sailor ~ Street Skater ~ Werewolf ~ Ice Hockey Player

Ice Skater ~ Soccer Player ~ Hazmat Guy ~ Kimono Girl ~ Musketeer ~ Artist ~ Surfer Girl ~ Punk Rocker


Category B - The Rules

  1. Build a vignette that display a complete customised unique 16 LEGO collectable minifigures that will be part of the inaugural launch of the Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1. The vignette measures 16 studs by 16 studs (No height limit).
  2. You are required to design a complete customised unique 16 LEGO collectable minifigures that will be featured in the inaugural launch of the Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1.
  3. The vignette and the customised Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1 will be evaluated as a whole.
  4. The vignette can be of any themes that will allow you to showcase the Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1 in the best possible presentation.
  5. This is a combination of both building contest and minifigures customisation. Be creative and use your imagination to put your ideas together to showcase your ideal Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1.
  6. You must state and provide a name and short descriptions of all 16 Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures in your entry.
  7. Inappropriate and licensed minifigures such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Prince of Persia, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc creations are not allowed. If you think LEGO is likely to release it as part of their regular designs, then it is likely to be appropriate, otherwise please ask if you are unsure.
  8. A reasonable overhang is allowed to accommodate tree limbs or minifigure accessories, but may not exceed more than 2 studs outside the base.
  9. No Series 4 minifigures are allowed. You may not use the official minifigure or it's new accessories/parts from Series 4 in your official entry pictures. You may use accessories that already existed, but not new ones from Series 4 like the electric guitar, rapier, for example. Please note Series 1, 2 and 3 minifigures and parts are allow in this category.
  10. Official TLG stickers are allowed.
  11. Clone brands’ (Oxford, Megablocks and suchlike) parts are definitely forbidden.
  12. Entries must be new customs. Any entry published online prior to the start of the contest will be disqualified.
  13. You may not include in your entry any decal or other design element created by other customisers; actual custom plastic items (such as BrickArms, BrickForge and similar) are allowed, as long as you clearly refer to them in the text description below by stating the parts used for each customised minifigures if any and to give due credit for it. In summary, you may only used your own designed decals and not others. If you are using actual custom plastic items, be sure to state them clearly in your entry description.
  14. There is no parts limit as long as it all fits within the vignette.
  15. Entries are to be posted in this topic.
  16. One entry per person. An entry must include a picture (no larger than 800x600) showing the vignette together with the completed Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1. You may include up to 4 more images following the same rules. If you choose to take additional pictures, you may link to an outside gallery.
  17. Digital backgrounds are allowed.
  18. No LDD entries.
  19. Upload your images onto those dedicated image hosting websites such as Brickshelf, Flickr, etc. Do not use Eurobricks attachment to upload your images.
  20. No digital added decals or parts’ colour changes will be allowed.
  21. No webcam or handphone camera images can be used for the submitted entry. It must be taken in a clean and decent background with enough brightness to show the beauty of your entry.
  22. The contest begins now and will end on the 20th of June, 2011 at 1200hrs (GMT+8). Voting will begin immediately after that and will last 7 days.
  23. In the event of a tie, the Staff will vote to decide the winner(s) and all Staff decisions are final.
  24. Any violation of the rules will be subject to disqualification.

The Voting!

At the end of the entry period, a posting topic will appear listing the eligible entries for the above categories. Members who joined prior to the start of the contest will then be able to post how they wish to use their 3 points to vote for the entries they like best. A single entry may receive all 3 points, or the points may be divided between 2 or 3 entries, however the voter wishes. Detailed voting rules will be announced at the start of the voting. Members who join after the start of the competition may choose to enter but may not vote. This is to stop vote rigging.

It's just that simple!

Please use this thread for any further discussions or questions pertaining to this contest and most of all ...

Have fun!


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Update of rules

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I have decided to be brave and be the first to try entering this category. Perhaps I can inspire others with better modifying skills to post their stuff. All of my minifigures are mixes and matches of existing Lego components. All of the accessories are Lego accessories.

Entry Name – The Rivals

The Story – Rival Seers compete for the fortunes of the minifigure community while life goes on all around them.

Front View


Back View


The minifigures:

(Visible in front view of vignette, working bottom to top)

1. Renfield – Every vampire needs a human minion to help them with the peculiarities of their condition. Unfortunately insanity and an appetite for vermin seem to come with this job. This minifigure’s accessories are disheveled hair, a spider, and a rat. Also features a crazy looking face and rumpled clothing.

2. The Mechanic – A good ole boy with a good ole work ethic. This minifigure features a ball cap from his favorite team and a hard working flannel shirt. His accessories are a couple tools.

3. Japanese Grandma – All Geishas must grow up. Features a face with old features, a pretty but rather conservative kimono, a parasol and some cherries.

4. Pops Orchestra Conductor – The white blazer and maroon pants show that this maestro favors Sousa Marches over Mozart Symphonies and show tunes over song cycles. Also features a conducting baton, gray hair, and a face with glasses.

5. Red Riding Hood – She’s off to granny’s with her traveling cloak and goodies. Features a feminine face, skirt, red cape, hood, basket and croissant.

6. Amateur Film Director – If he films enough stuff and barks enough orders through his megaphone, his big break might just be an editing room away, until then, he’s still his own camera man. Features a suave hairstyle, face with big smile and sunglasses, video camera and megaphone.

7. The Martian – He comes in peace, he’s just lost because his communicator ran out of juice. Features futuristic outer space clothing, bright green skin, peace flag, complicated but currently dead futuristic communication device.

8. Super Fan – Nobody loves the Clutchers more than this guy and he has the air horn to prove it. Features jersey, ball cap, air horn, and pennant.

(Visible in Back View of Vignette, working bottom to top)

9. Trick-or-Treater – He’s not really a ghost, he’s just dressed like one. Give him candy and he’ll go away. Features a glow-in-the-dark ghost costume and a bag for goodies.

10. Amateur Skier – Awesome designer Sweater, check; coordinated helmet, gloves, skis and poles, check; athletic ability, not so much. Features all of the above and a suitably terrified expression for his first trip down the big slope.

11. Ping Pong Champion – No one can beat him at table tennis. No one. Features intense face and hair, paddle, and ping-pong ball.

12. Elven Priestess – Features a highly decorated green dress, cloak, gem, chalice, and feather for her hair for optimum mysticism.

13. Fortune Teller – (you can actually see her face in the front view and her back in the back view) Madame Brick sees all in her crystal ball, even if she only has one eye. Features feminine face with eye patch, cape, and crystal ball.

14. Rock Singer – Yes, I know there is already a pop singer, but this girl is way too tough for pop. Features trendy but tough hairstyle, awesome jacket with space patches and lots of zippers, a microphone, a singing face and a bunch of attitude.

15. Troll Doll – They were popular in the 1960’s and again in the 1990’s. With hair this awesome it is only a matter of time before they become popular again. This one features colorful clothes, short legs, crazy green hair, and a hairbrush.

16. Sand Volleyball Player – He’s got a surfer t-shirt, sunglasses and a ball, just add sand.


Better views of Red Riding Hood, the Elven Priestess and the Troll Doll


A better view of the Fortune Teller


A Better View of the Amateur Film Director

More views and close-ups of all minifigures are at My Photobucket.

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Name: House Party


When the guests show up for a house party, it seems not everyone got the memo that it was a costume party. Those that did dress up may have overdone it. And some are probably getting a little too into character.

My Series:

1 Superhero- Swoosh Factor's super powers are flying and looking good while doing so.

2 Shakespearean Actor- I knew him well, Horatio. He takes his craft very seriously.

3 Postman- Even though he mostly only delivers bills and junk mail, he does it very cheerily.

4 Stay-at-home Dad- He may have gotten in over his head. Complete with diaper bag and pacified infant.

5 Warlock- Magic is a serious business. This guy doesn't perform at birthday parties.

6 Troll Assassin- Not every troll is a clumsy oaf, some can be stealthy. Well, stealthier.

7 Winged Acolyte- She's no angel, she's a warrior.

8 Test Pilot- Insert "Top Gun" quote here.

9 Plumber- Sometimes, you gotta call in a professional. Or at least this guy.

10 Gambler- This guy knows when to hold 'em and when to fold'em. His gun belt is made by BrickForge. Great item.

11 Bearded Lady- No circus sideshow is complete without this marvel.

12 Camper- Can help old ladies across the street and start a fire with some twigs but isn't old enough to drive.

13 Beach Comber- Not everything that washes ashore is junk. This guy spends his time searching for treasure.

14 Bowler- Knows the fine art of knocking down 10 pins in one try. Or two.

15 Curling Enthusiast- Curling may not be a well known sport but it is this guy's entire life.

16 Tightrope Walker- She knows that proper balance makes all the difference.


Lots happening on the roof.


Upstairs. The gambler (gunbelt by BrickForge) comes down the stairs as the dad tries to get the baby to sleep in the chair. The beach comber seems to have found some treasure under a pillow. I wonder if it's tooth fairy related.


Downstairs, people are mingling. Well, most people. The green guy seems a little anti-social hiding under the stairs.

And one guy ignores the party and turns on the TV. At least someone joins him...


I took shots of them in fours. These are my favorite: The Superhero, The Shakespearean Actor, The Postman, The Stay-at-home Dad. My Flickr has the others.

The Flickr Set

Edit: I realized I could have one more picture so I included one of the upstairs.

Edited by CorneliusMurdock

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Here's my entry for the contest:

Name- House Warming Celebration


P6040627 by Lord Of The Fries, on Flickr

The Millionaire has bought a fancy new triple story house (including the roof), and he has invited over a few friends to celebrate his purchase.


P6040623 by Lord Of The Fries, on Flickr

The Millionaire, Profesional Swimmer, Teenage Girl, Tourist and Pretend Race Car Driver are just chillin' on the roof.


P6040625 by Lord Of The Fries, on Flickr

On the first floor, The Loyal Citizen takes a nap on the Millionaire's new bed and the Valet Driver gets some fresh air on the balcony outside while the Adventurer is looking around for an excuse to go on an adventure. Also, the Robber convinced the Scientist to make a shrink-ray and shrink the Citizen while he is asleep.


P6040626 by Lord Of The Fries, on Flickr

The ground floor is also packed with guests including the V.I.P. Guest filling up his glass cup with water. Also the Window Cleaner is cleaning the window from inside *huh* while the Janitor is heading upstirs to clean the floor, the Spruiker is wathing T.V. and the Gardener and the Florist are taking care of the plants outside.


P6040628 by Lord Of The Fries, on Flickr

My favourite four minifigs. From left to right: The Janitor, Pretend Race Car Driver, Valet Driver and the Window Cleaner

List of my custom minifigures:

1. The Millionaire.

Description: He is always winning money from somewhere because of his skills and luck.

Accessories: Suitcase and Money

2. Profesional Swimmer.

Description: The Profesional Swimmer is an athletic player and is always winning gold tropies.

Accessories: Gold trophie

3. Teenage Girl.

Description: This girl has attitude...and knows how to use it!

Accessories: Mobile Phone

4. The Tourist.

Description: The Tourist is always keen to see the sights and travel the world. He lets nothing stop him travelling!

Accessories: Camera, Binoculars

5. Pretend Race Car Driver.

Description: This little guy's ultimate dream is to become a real race car driver. He has been practising ever since he wanted that dream to come true.

Accessories: Pretend handlebars

6. Valet Driver

Description: The Valet Driver is always taking celebrities around town and over the time he has become well-known to the celebrities and citizens.

Accessories: Car keys, Suitcase

7. Adventurer.

Description: This brave fellow has had enough experience in the wild to know what to bring on an adventure. He also is always looking for a reason to gor adventuring!

Accesories: Pistol, Map , Backpack

8. Robber.

Description: This robber will stop at nothing to steal treasure,gold or anything worth a ton of money. He is also highly skilled at prison breakouts and robbing stores.

Accessories: Pistol, Diamond

9. Scientist.

Description: The Scientist is very smart when it comes to anything to do with science or chemistry. He is also good friends with the Robber!

Accessories: Shrink-Ray, Acid bottle

10. Loyal Citizen.

Description: The Loyal Citizen is always ready to help out his community, donate to charity or just about everything to help the city. He is also known to have caught the Robber once and put him in jail.

Accessories: Satchel

11. Janitor.

Description: The Janitor is a very good cleaner and is very skilled when it comes to the mop. He is known to have mopped the Eiffel Tower in under 20 minutes!

Accessories: Mop

12. V.I.P. Party Guest.

Description: The V.I.P. Party Guest is a very fancy person. He carries a cloth with him to lay down on a chair when he sits on it. He also gets taken to places by the Valet Driver.

Accessories: Glass cup, V.I.P. Invitation

13. Window Cleaner.

Description: The Window Cleaner cleans everyone's window's. He is very skilled when it comes to a high-pressure hose.

Accessories: Portable High-Pressure Hose, Hand-held Window wiper

14. Spruiker.

Description: The Spruiker has a loud voice and is very good at convincing other people to buy his items.

Accessories: Microphone, Bicycle Flag

15. Gardener.

Description: This young fellow has a very strong interest in gardening. He treats his plants and flower with respect to keep them strong and healthy.

Accessories: Shovel, Flowers

16. Florist.

Description: The Florist is best friends with the Gardener and loves her flowers and decorating them.

Accessories: Water Spray-Bottle, Flowers

Good luck to anyone who enters !

Hope you like my entry :grin:

Edited by Lord Of The Fries

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Entry: World Tree

A place where people from different realms coexist




Now onto the minifigs


From left to right:

1. Goddess of Victory: sword and helmet

2. Imp: trident

3. Headless Knight: his head and axe

4. Genie: his bottle

5. Amazon Warrior: bow

6. Cthulhu Cultist: torch

7. Robot Overlord: ray gun


From left to right:

8. Programmer: laptop

9. Butler: tray and cup

10. Opera Singer: cracking cup

11. Tycoon: cane

12. Bruce Lee: Nunchaku

13. Land Shark: drum stick

14. Street Drummer: drum

15. Golfer: club and ball

16. Snooker Player: cue and cue ball

Edited by lisqr

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XRB-12 looked at the cryofluid as it sprayed towards him. He'd already sealed leaks in seven other sectors and sector 54A was in far better condition than a lot of the sectors he'd checked in the past few days. Today was not going to be a good day.

The facility was old, far older than any of the maintenance robots could remember, each having been assembled by their predecessors. XRB-12's predecessor, XRA-12, warned him there'd be days like this, days when it felt like the facility was about to undergo a catastrophic failure. XRB-12 prayed today wouldn't be that day.


XRB-12 proceeded to load up the inventory for this sector. It was always worth checking that each cryochamber contained what is was supposed to, as there was always a risk that one of them would temporarily shutdown when a leak occured. There was always a lot of paperwork involved when the contents of a cryochamber was found wandering aimlessly around the facility.


Elf Mage

Description: Bows and arrows will only get you so far, sometimes you need a little magic in your life

Accessories: Staff and energy bolt


Description: One shot is all he needs, just make sure he knows the right target

Accessories: Helmet, radio, backpack and custom weapon from BrickArms


Description: That's one wheel off, now where are the other three

Accessories: Car jack and wheel


Description: He's found the bottle, now all he needs is the pen and paper

Accessories: Message in a bottle



Description: Fore!

Accessories: Golf club and golf ball


Description: A gentleman in manners as well as appearance

Accessories: Cane, cloak and top hat


Description: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

Accessories: Flowers

Knife Thrower

Description: Now if only he could find an assistant who didn't keep ducking

Accessories: Knives


Paper Boy

Description: He really needs to get a bicycle if he wants to avoid that dog from number 32

Accessories: Cap, satchel and newspaper


Description: That's the third drink spilled this week

Accessories: Broom, tray and cup


Description: Stand and deliver, your money or your life

Accessories: Hat, cloak and pistols


Description: 70's hairstyles are all the rage

Accessories: Scissors and brush



Description: The detective or private investigator as the sign on his door says, never says no to a case

Accessories: Fedora, magnifying glass, custom weapon from BrickArms and custom trenchcoat from MMCB


Description: If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it

Accessories: Ice lolly and parasol


Description: Now where did that parrot go, I only turned my back for a second?

Accessories: Cat and briefcase

Bounty Hunter

Description: You don't find her, she finds you

Accessories: Money and custom weapon from BrickArms

Whilst it may not be initially obvious from the vignette, all of the accessories shown on each individual minifigure are included within the vignette, though some do overhang slightly. The bases are also stored in compartments at the back of the vignette (there is one photo in the set on Flickr which shows this).

Cryostasis @ Flickr

Edited by Darkblane

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Lunchtime at The Column OF Times



The Column Of Times was built to honor the heroes of past, present, and future. Unfortunately the town board decided to let the citizens decide who would be immortalized, which led to figures such as the merman, zombie hunter, and Flower Power girl. It's central location has made this spot a wonderful place to get a hot dog and relax during the nice summer months.

Collectible Figures and their accessories:




Iron Cook - Chef Rocko is always ready to show you his skills; Hot dog, Cleaver (from Brickforge)

Roller Derby Girl - She will break your heart before she breaks your neck; Roller Skates (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

Ping Pong Player - One of the kings of the underground ping pong world; Paddle (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

Architect - Designing a better LEGOland for future generations; T Square (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

Flower Power Girl - Peace, Love, and some nice foliage; Flower Stem and Flower head (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

Western Rancher - Stay off of his land if you know whats good for you! Winchester Rifle, Spurs, Rancher Hat (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

Pirate - Scourge of the Legoland coast; Gun and Saber by Brickforge

Minuteman - Ready to fight to keep his land free from invaders; Rifle by Brickforge

Persian Prince - A lover and a fighter, and deadly at both arts; Sword and Shield by Brickforge

Philosopher - "I think, therefor I build" was his most famous sayings; Scroll (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

Barbarian Warrior - A legendary leader of the Bear Claw Clan; Sword and Claw (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

Zombie Hunter - The leader of the "Z-Team", she is a crack shot; Bowie Knife and Rifle (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

Space Agent - Busting the criminals from here to the sun; Blaster and Pistol (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

Merman - Ruler of the seas, his trident can create tsunamis, or stop them dead in their tracks; Trident by Brickforge

Superhero - Minifigman is always there to save the people of LEGOland; Red cape by LEGO

Mob Boss - The one man you do not want to cross, he uses his gun like a surgeon! Cigar, Tommy gun, Bowler hat (designed by shmails, made by shapeway.com)

More pictures can be found here:

Lunchtime at the Column of Times


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The Laboratory Of Time


The evil Time Twister has returned from 1997.

He built experimental windows in his laboratory, which he can use in his travel across time to other worlds.


Battling against his weaponized hovercraft on the roof top, the only hero who can stop his disastrous action is the Cyber Ninja from year 2109.

The Lead Vocalist finished his last concert and got completely drunk.

Drinks are served at the 4th floor by a handsome and charming Bartender.

Sexy but deadly, the Cowgirl broke out from the window to wild west. She was not scared by the Witch Doctor, who was performing the dark healing magic using the bones he collected.


Breaking the window to inferno, Einherjar, the lone warrior who died in battle, resurrected and prepared for another fight. The Monk accepted his challenge and stopped him from getting out from hell.

The Paparazzi, who specialized in candid photography of all Lego celebrities, will not miss a single shot of this epic fight.

The lava melted the floor and the fallen debris damaged the machine down below. A pig escaped from the meat processing room and drew the attention of an Alien Explorer.

The Insane Butcher was angry and will not let anyone touch his pig. The window next to the meat processing room is the Greek Temple. A noble Greek Princess is in it.


Emergency situation at the 1st Floor. A female Security Guard was shocked when she saw the cracks of one of the windows. Water is pouring into the laboratory corridor.

The Sea Villian is actually cracking the glasses in his attempt to explore the world other than the sea.

And there were bombs placed all over the window in the neighboring world. The Bomb Squad Unit is doing his very best to deactivate all those bombs.

How does this laboratory of time work ?

Ask the Clockmaker at the basement.


1. Sea Villain

Description: Return of the deadly Aquashark

Accessories: Hook hand and double-bladed harpoon

2. Einherjar

Description: Warrior who died in battle and was brought to Valhalla in Norse Mythology

Accessories: Silver sword and a shield

3. Witch Doctor

Description: Evil, mysterious, perform dark healing magic with bones

Accessories: Mask, cape and a long bone

4. Time Twister

Description: Return from 1997, the Lord of Time shall bring chaos to all LEGO themes

Accessories: Flintlock pistol, time control device

5. Cyber Ninja

Description: From year 2109

Accessories: Ancient samurai sword, cyber shuriken

6. Bomb Squad Unit

Description: You have a Hazmat Guy in S4, but you need someone else to defuse the bombs

Accessories: Knife and a bomb

7. Alien Explorer

Description: He is always curious to learn more about this galaxy

Accessories: Backpack, red magnifying glass and binoculars

8. Male Lead Vocalist

Description: He makes your band complete

Accessories: Microphone

9. Greek Princess

Accessories: Flowers and jar

10. Female Security Guard

Accessories: Torch and walkie-talkie

11. Bartender

Description: Handsome and charming, ladies' favorite

Accessories: Wine and an empty glass

12. Insane Butcher

Description: He won't let anyone touch his pigs

Accessories: Chainsaw and a sausage

13. Cowgirl

Description: Sexy but deadly

Accessories: Whip and a pistol

14. Monk

Description: Not April's Fool, he is a monk

Accessories: Battle Staff

15. Paparazzi

Description: Specialized in candid photography of all Lego celebrities

Accessories: Camera

16. Clockmaker

Description: The mysterious clockmaker who keeps the Lab of Time running

Accessories: Screwdriver

More photos at my Flickr for Vignette and Minifigures.

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Right by the local beach lies a tall building that houses offices and apartments for rent.


Hoverboard girl:

She came from the future to experience life in the 21th century and buzzes around on her hoverboard. Previous adventures has seen her accidently bring a druid from the past, and she hasn't cared to bring the poor guy back.

Reggae guitarist:

Walks around beaches and parks and plays reggae on his trusty guitar. He is often mistaken for a homeless and given change by passers by.

Accessories: guitar (from brickforge)


Male lifeguard:

He runs around the beach flexing his large muscles to impress the ladies. When there's a girl drowning, he's quick to the rescue, but he might take a bit longer if it's a guy.

Accessory: rescue buoy

Old style diver:

He collects old diving helmets and sometimes takes them for a test dive.

Accessories: diving helmet and air supply tank.


After he struck a hole in one on his first trip to the golf field ever (his dad brought him once as a child), he's now obsessed with becoming the world's best golfer. Alas, he's not really any good, and frequently sends the goldball flying way off the field...

Accessories: golf club (from brickforge) and golf ball


She has done ballet since early childhood and has made her entire appartment into a ballet practice room with large windows so that the world can see her performance.

Computer geek:

Spends most of his time programming on one of his numerous linux machines. He's the goto guy when you have computer problems (of course, he hates that, he's not tech support! But beeing a friendly geek, he always helps out).

Accessories: Laptop and smartphone


Bagpipe player:

He's pround of his heritage, and practices playing his bagpipe as often as he can. But the question everyone wants answered: is he wearing underwear?

Accessories: bagpipe

Band kid:

Plays the drum in the school band. He likes to march down the street playing even without the rest of his band.

Accessories: Drum and drumsticks

Invisible man:

Being invisble is not just a walk in the park. In fact, to be able to walk in the park without bumping into people, the invisible man wears a black hat and a cloak. But this has the side effect of scaring people off. He has tried to get doctors to give him skin with color, but the surgeons never find him once he's naked on the operating table.


Always ready to save you from life threatening injuries, the surgeon is well renowned for his skills and expertise. He has been having some difficulties helping the invisible man though...

Accessories: scalpel

Gingrebread man:

Created in an attempt to set a world record for largest gingerbread man, he somehow came to life and scared the chef away. He now feels very sad and lonely (even though his face is stuck in a smile), and hopes to someday meet a gingerbread woman.

Accessories: candy cane



Goes to as many cosplaying events and costume parties as she can, and always has a new costume from one of her many favourite anime, mangas and games.

Accessories: school bag.

Skeleton guy:

He has seen one too many pirates movies, and thinks skeletons are super cool. He wears his skeleton costume as often as he can, and goes to all costume parties he can find. He once found a real bone (he thinks it's human, but it's probably not) and he carries it around everywhere.

Accessories: bone


Brought here from the past in a time machine, he's a bit confused in this day and age. Misses his forest where he could find herbs for anything.

Accessories: sickle (from brickforge)

Roman citizen:

Well, he's not really a roman citizen, but he dreams himself back to those times. Always walks around in a toga and sandals, and speaks latin fluently. Since he's so familiar with that age, the lost druid from the past has been placed in his care.

Accessories: book

And a picture of the 16 custom figs together:


Loads more detailed pics can be seen in my flickr stream.

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The Brick Defenders' Brownstone: Under Siege

I would love to see a comic book style superhero (not licensed) theme from the Lego Group. I don't know if such a thing will ever happen, so, in the mean time, here's my entry:

The Lego superheroes band together to form the Brick Defenders! Together they defend Lego City from the evil ways of their arch nemeses, the evil Dark (Ages) Horde!

The Dark Horde, a terrifying team-up of all the Lego evil-doers, descend upon the Brick Defenders brownstone to destroy all that is good and right!

The Brick Defenders quickly spring into action to defend their home.


The Brick Defenders' Brownstone: Under Siege!


The Brick Defenders HQ is a historic brownstone building in an old neighborhood of Lego City


Inside the Brick Defenders' brownstone. Top floor is the meeting room, first floor is a trophy room where the team houses confiscated items such as freeze rays, shrink rays, etc. as well as capes and masks of retired team members.


An underground service tunnel -- these two are breaking in to the Brick Defenders HQ from below!


The heroes are in the back row. They are (from left to right):

Shield Maiden: After gifted a powerful shield from an ancient Valkyrie, Shield Maiden, once just a girl from the burbs, has super-powers that she's just figuring out. Accessories: shield and cape.

Green Lass: Using her arrows to pierce the heart of unjustice, Green Lass fights for the impoverished and the needy. Accessories: Bow and arrows.

Clockwork Cowboy: What is the purpose of a robot programmed to act like a cowboy? In hopes of answering this question, this gunslinger has been searching for his maker ever since his activation. But for now, the answer is: dealing justice. Accessories: two high tech sidearms

Titan: This do-gooder has an unparalleled sense of right. Super-strong with the power of flight, he doesn't need any accessories to thwart evil.

Amon: Once he was the captain of the Pharoah's guard, then he was displaced in time by a traitorous sorcerer. However, magic affects people in unexpected ways; in his new winged form he has the ability to command the wind! Accessories: Broadsword and wings

Amaunet: Her search for her lost love, Amon, has lead her to be reunited with him in the 21st century. The power of the river Nile grants her the ability to manipulate water. Accessories: Water 'blade' and staff

White Knight: His mechanized armor grants him inhuman strength and invulnerability. Accessories: power armor and two swords

Blue Shade: Daughter to super bad Iron Mask and twin of Maven, Blue Shade grew up in the shadow of pure villainous evil. Having escaped the hook of her father, Blue Shade now utilizes her dark skills to fight evil. Accessories: Cape, hood, and bat.

In the front row are the villains (from left to right):

Charmer: Her beauty alone stuns even the most reluctant man - the perfect amount of time for her pet to slither around her enemies. Accessories: snake.

Nightmare: And you thought the discount-rate birthday party clown was scary. Accessories: Flamethrowing clown horn

Slay: Skilled in martial arts of all types, Slay can take on any adversary single handedly. She just chooses to use knives for the fun of it. Accessories: Two knives and ninja mask.

Iron Mask: He wears an iron mask to hide his terrifying face. The only thing that matches his intelligence is his ego. His cunning is accessory enough for him.

Evil Eye: No one can escape the clutches (or visage) of Evil Eye and he uses his superpowers to prey on the needy, helpless, and powerful. His love of scorpions is only matched by his want of world domination. Accessories: cape and scorpion.

Ape Escape: No prison (or zoo!) can hold this super intelligent ape; no amount of security can keep him in or, in this case, out. Accessories: pistol

Maven: As the daughter to Lego Land's number one evil villain, Iron Mask, Maven has a lot to live up to. She uses her kick-butt fighting skills honed as a child to tear down anything good, including (and especially) her twin sister, Blue Shade. Accessories: Flail

The Jester: This deranged merry-maker thinks that crime is fun and games. Accessories: Giant sized robotic toy teeth

Check out some of the other photos at my flickr stream.

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Ranking the Stars!

Background story:

This entry is inspired by the kitsch television series "Ranking the Stars". It is originally a Japanese format whereby some 10 'celebrities' or 'stars' have to try to estimate correctly how the public ranked them on questions such as 'who would most likely swim naked in a public pool'.

The format was copied in the Netherlands and Belgium and was quite popular - at least in the Netherlands. It is overall very trashy and the contestants are more often has-beens or never-was than actual stars, which gave me the excellent excuse to go all-out on this one.

A fragment of the show can be found here: Ranking the stars (where one contestant shocks the others by peeing in a glass of water - yes it is really a 'high quality' show...)

Overall shot of the setting


As you can see, this MOC tells the story of the final episode where one of the stars wins the trophy and gets to splash some champagne. Some of the five other contestants are angry that they did not win.

In the background one contestant even throws her glas of red wine on the brand new outfit of her neighbour. I created an area for an angry mob to be included. It rests on white and gold bricks to give it a more circus-ish feel. The family a.k.a. angry mob has buckets filled with rotten tomatoes (which they are throwing at the contestants).

A final story line involves a robber suddenly storming on stage. The security guard is ready to jump in.

The crowd


Figures included in the series:


1. Presenter (with micro and trophy) - 2. Security guard (with uzi and stick) - 3. The robber (with tommy gun) - 4. Angry contestant Kelly (with glas of red wine)


5. Poor Patsy (with her radio) - 6. Random drunk with bottle (guess they were unable to find other contestants :laugh:) - 7. Tommy the old rocker (with mascara face and banana of which he believes it keeps him young) - 8. Fred the pop star (with mushroom - I'd like to stress that this is an ordinary mushroom).


9. The angry dad (with bucket and tomato) - 10. The angry mother (with bucket and tomato) - 11. The happy kid (with sausage) - 12. The winner (with cork and champagne)

The final batch of minifigs can be found in my brickshelf folder (when public): http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=475788

The folder also contains pictures of the setting without the figs - which allows a better look at the 'stars'.

It includes the crew: 13. The camera woman (with camera) - 14. The happy technician (with walkie talkie) - 15. The bored technician (with cup of coffee) - 16. Cleaner (with cleaning accessories)

Edited by KristofBD

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The Minifig Museum

The Minifig Museum is the place where our little friends out of the Lego world are able to learn about history as well as the future.


It has two stories and also a sewer level.

It features the following minifigs:


From left to right:

Royal Guard

Description: Protecting kings and queens and looking somekind golden.

Accessories: Spear and 2 dark red armor pauldrons.

Aged Sunbather

Description: A gentleman in his older years who loves lying and the sun and having a ice cream.

Accessories: Ice pop, cap and beard.

Roman Warrior

Description: S.P.Q.R.

Accessories: Helemt, shield, armor and sword.

Steampunk Captain

Description: Nothin' more to say?!

Accessories: Raygun, Hat (by V&A Steamworks - hope this is legal), golden claw hand.

Elfen Mage

Description: Wise woman and magician.

Accessories: Hat, owl and cape.

The Buccaneer

Description: A pirate - always on the scout for treasures and more.

Accessories: Sword, scabbard and tricorn. No parrot ;)

Javelin Thrower

Description: Sports guy.

Accessories: Spear.

[not pictured] Snake charmer

Description: Ssssss...

Accessories: Flute, turban and snake.


From left to right:

Cat Lady

Description: Old women loving cats.

Accessories: Bag and cat.

Space warrior from the future

Description: On the hunt. Looking for aliens in the sewers on planet earth.

Accessories: Helmet and weapon (by TheLittleArmsshop)


Description: Click. Taking fotos - professional.

Accessories: Camera.


Description: It's bad to have problems with the tray (and only one glass on it ;) )

Accessories: Tray and glass.

War Goddess

Description: Once upon a time in ancient Greek...

Accessories: Sword.

The Nerd

Description: Lives in his digital world arraying himself in the way of his heroes.

Accessories: Laptop. All he needs.

The Aristocrat

Description: From a better social class..

Accessories: Hat and cane.

Female skate boarder

Description: According to the statistics there has to be a skate boarder every two series. Unless you have a surfer or a snowboarder in there ;)Here the female version.

Accessories: Skate board.

Back and front view:


More (detailed) shots on my Flickr

Edited by Rolli

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Entry: TV Program Production Studios

In this building there are different studios which make different kinds of TV programs:


1/F: children program

There is a moral fight going on the child’s mind: should I pick up the dog poo??

2/F: music program

A rock guitarist, a pop song singer and a music conductor can work well together!!

3/F: historical drama

A brave knight is fighting an evil shadow!! (The king, the queen and the wizard are just doing nothing :P )

4/F: supernatural and scary drama

When a Chinese zombie and a western ghost join hands, the damage can be deadly!!

5/F: foreign language drama

The final shot of the final episode of a Japanese drama - a traditional Japanese wedding scene


Here are the minifigs in this vig:


1) Devil

Description: A very powerful spirit who tempts people to do bad things

Accessories: trident, 2 red horns

2) Angel

Description: A kindhearted spirit who helps people to perform good deeds

Accessories: white hair (I painted it myself), white wings (painted them myself)

3) Lego Fan

Description: A small child who loves Lego and his dog very much

Accessories: dog, dog leash, dog poo (made from model putty)


4) Rock Guitarist

Description: A rock guitarist who plays both rock and classical(!!) music

Accessories: guitar (from BrickForge)

5) Pop Song Singer

Description: A talented pop song singer who sings like an angel

Accessories: a microphone, a stand

6) Music Conductor

Description: An open-minded music conductor who likes different kinds of music

Accessories: baton, conductor’s stand, scores (my MOC on two 2x2 tiles)


7) Knight

Description: A brave warrior who will sacrifice himself to protect the king

Accessories: helmet, hammer, cape, shield (I made it myself. It’s a button actually)

8) Queen

Description: An elegant queen who always loves the king

Accessories: tiara/crown, cape, necklace (I made it myself. It’s part of my wife’s broken bracelet), the print on the dress was customized by me

9) Shadow King

Description: An evil shadow who wants to take the throne from the king

Accessories: black crown (painted it myself), black armor, black sword (painted it myself)

10) King

Description: A beloved king who rules the country for more than 20 years

Accessories: crown with plume feather, gold armor (from ChromeBricks), cloth, sword

NOTE: gold arms and legs were taken out from a golden minifig key chain

11) Wizard

Description: An intelligent wizard who knows more than 100 spells

Accessories: white wizard hat (painted it myself), cape, beard, staff (made it myself)


12) Japanese Groom

Description: A Japanese groom in traditional Japanese outfit

Accessories: the fan and the dress are stickers from a local stationery shop

13) Japanese Bride

Description: A Japanese bride in traditional Japanese outfit

Accessories: the fan, the hat and the dress are stickers from a local stationery shop

14) Japanese Warrior

Description: A gifted ghost hunter who is trained to kill evil spirits

Accessories: Japanese sword, the hair is modified from a small capsule toy model

15) Night Wanderer

Description: A supernatural being who sucks people’s souls

Accessories: hood, cape (front and back), LED

16) Chinese Zombie

Description: A zombie who can only jump (Right, he can’t walk!!)

Accessories: hat (from BrickTW), Chinese/Taoist paper rune (made it myself)

2 more photos of this vig can be seen in my flickr: My link

Edited by gordongordon

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At first, my apologies for the low quality pics, it's quite last minute.. The pictures don't do justice to the build.

But the build was more than lovely, I just love creating minifigs.


The story: All minifigs from different era's landed somehow on a beach together. Their change to survival was quite small, the only way they could survive (or at least do things they like or are supposed to do) was by working together. So that's what happened.


Here you can see all the layers of earth that lie beneath the island. The miner is digging a hole in search for minerals, while the Nobel-award winner, who gained the price for inventing tnt, joins and provides dynamite. The archaeologist benefits from this extraction in search for bones and other interesting objects. The job of the scavenger is to clean all the mess on the island, but I think he takes away to much 'garbage'.

At the same time, the cyclops and the cosplayer are in hunt for food with their massive weapons. They found a fresh monkey and go for a chase. But beware of monkey friend Tarzan! The carpenter stokes the fire, while the rebel screams to the fire to burn. (We all know the song 'Burn mother..)

Near the water asks the princess for help, by just smiling lovely to the see in hope someone comes to the rescue. The water skier takes faith in her own hands by riding a fish to bring her to mainland. The pimp just ordered a pizza, those pizza boys deliver everywhere, if you pay the price. But make it a fair trade.

Finally the bad boys: a thief, who initially escaped Guantanamo Bay, found himself being trapped to a stone with handcuffs. The space pirate now fights the final battle for the title 'Ultimate Bad boy' with a short legged, but oh so fearful Western villain.


Thief - handcuffs

Rebel - megaphone

Scavenger - trash picker / container

Cosplayer - longsword


Water skier - water skies / swim suit

PIMP - suitcase with dollar bill

Miner - drill

Tarzan - monkey


Western villain - two guns

Cyclops - wooden club

Archaeologist - brush / skull

Carpenter - wood / hammer

Please click here to see the last four minifigs

Nobel Award winner - trophy / dynamite

Princess - crown / scepter

Space pirate - gun

Pizza delivery boy - pizza / helmet

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OK, here's my entry. Please note that any similarities to other entered minifigs or scenes are purely coincidental.


The Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1 includes lots of minifigs that fans have been asking for! Beginning from the back, from left to right, they are: Mountain Climber, Superhero, Barbarian, Matador, Deep Sea Diver, The Fly, Architect, Yodeler, Ballerina, Space Explorer, Genius, Hippie, Female Zombie, Conquistador, Elven Queen, and Leprechaun.


The Space Explorer travels to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, exploring all kinds of strange alien worlds! Comes with ray gun and detector.

The Deep Sea Diver strange worlds of a different kind: The ocean floor! With his antique diving suit, he dives to depths that no minifig has gone to before! But despite his love for diving, he is under the constant fear of his air pump failing or encountering a hungry shark. Comes with a harpoon.

The Barbarian is a strong, fearless warrior! With his mighty sword he has defeated countless enemies! Here he is standing on the bones of his fallen opponents!

The Female Zombie wanders the post apocalyptic wasteland searching for brains to eat and objects to use - and a male zombie to spend the rest of her undead life with. Comes with a bone and pickaxe.


The Architect loves to design buildings. He is never seen without a ruler and some blue prints his hands. He draws and designs all day, always coming up with cooler structures!

The Matador is a daredevil who is not afraid any bull! All the minifigs come to see him face off against these mighty animals in the arena! Comes with a red cape.

The Genius is a master of all sciences and knows about everything! Every day he comes up with new inventions and theories. Comes with a sextant and chemistry book.

The Fly is a former scientist who, after an experiment gone horribly wrong, is now half human and half fly!



More pics in this brickshelf folder.

Edited by Oky Wan Kenobi

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