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Review - SW Miniland at Legoland Billund

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Here´s the seventh and last in a series of short reviews from the scenes at the Star Wars Miniland in Legoland Billund. The setup is supposed to be the same in all Legland´s around the world, so for more background information read this post and this post!

EPIII Revenge of the Sith – Kashyyk and Mustafar

In this cluster, two planets are shown: Kashyyk and Mustafar. On the one side, You can marvel at the Battle of Kashyyk – the home of Chewbacca and the Wookies. The scene includes fantastic vehicles modelled from LEGO bricks, such as the massive Clone Turbo Tank. On the other side, you are treated to a glimpse of the fateful duel on Mustafar between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The Clone Turbo Tank is the largest vehicle in Miniland, modelled from 10180 LEGO bricks.

First an overall video:

And then let us admire the CTT :sweet::






and the Kashyyk Troopers do their famous dance :laugh::


Bend ze kneez:


The AT-AP walker:



The Wookies and Yodas HQ:




Wookies, looking like wiener dogs in their faces:



A Corporate Alliance Tank Droid:


and a Droid Gunship:


Obi-Wan and Anakin in their epic lightsaber battle:

Padme´s ship:


C-3PO gets a bigtime breakdown :angry::


And this is my negative feedback on this whole Miniland set-up! The actual quality of the the models, meaning glueing, isn´t good to say the least. Check out these two pictures of the Droid Gunship and compare them:



The second one has the gun torrents broken of and just placed on top for later fixing! And C-3PO in the picture before! And the AT-ST in the Hoth set-up. But this is known to the modelbuilders in Billund and they didn´t build/glue these.

Otherwise I enjoyed the Miniland and I hope these reviews has given you a glance on what to expect when you travel to a Legoland far far away and check them out yourself :sweet:!

SW Miniland Review Madness Off!

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Once again, thanks CopMike for sharing all of these six reviews of the various set-ups of SW Miniland in LEGOLand Billund, this has surely given us the chance to have a closer-look at these even if we're not able to physically visit there. :thumbup:

With regards to the set-up, I really like that monstrous Juggernaut, as well as the AT-AP, though I feel the whole set-up is a bit lacking on the figs, and it does not feel that there is a battle going on - just look at the Wookiees standing around like they're on a lunch break or something. A few more figs and better action posing would have improved this set-up significantly.

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That is quite the epic figure skating routine they have going there!

Thanks for these reviews CopMike. For someone who won't be going to LegoLand these are very appreciated.

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Thanks for this set of reviews CopMike.

I love the Juggernaut, and the AT-AP :sweet:. The clones and wookies look ridiculous :sick: (so far only thy Stormy's have looked good) Epic duel ha ha they'll be lucky if they hit anything :laugh:.

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Thanks once again for this review, CopMike! I must say, as far as vehicles are concerned, Kashyyyk is easily the best of the eight scenes. But like KDM said, fig posing is lacking. As for Mustafar, the whole thing looks very good, and compared to the N-1 Padme's yacht is beautiful. Neither of these, though is better than Endor IMO, because the buildings in that scene were superb.

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I wonder what glue are they using? Shame that the pieces were falling apart so soon.

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