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4 wide car for Veeborg's contest in KOCKICE LUG

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This is my first 4 wide car after I was eleven years old. :laugh:

Steering (that's how word for ability to go left and right is called, right?) is achieved with turn table piece.

I know, it's simple, but I never saw it before (because I didn't look for it) and it takes a lot of space in such

a small car.


On the road again... by hrcywindu, on Flickr


Driving on the road by hrcywindu, on Flickr


4 wide car with steering by hrcywindu, on Flickr

There's no link to MP this time, this is just for Flickr. :classic:

Hope you like it!

Please C&C!

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For a mini-car I really like the interesting building techniques you've done here, and the black-lime color combo works for me well. The SNOT base is also a great way to present this mini-MOC. Very good job! :thumbup:

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