Sherik Var's Airspeeder

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My entry for Eurobricks Character Rides Contest - For the Personal Vehicle category.

Had a bit of trouble as most of my lego is in storage at the moment - I had one Endor battle set, one wampa cave set, my collectable minifigs and a few misc pieces to work with. Still quite pleased with the result!

Decided to enter when I saw that it was the last chance to get hold of an EB stormie :)

Please ignore the stand !

Presenting Bounty Hunter Sherik Var's Airspeeder -



Front View


Rear View


Side view - love how his hair looks as if its blowing in the wind :)


Top down-ish view :)


Sherik Var himself - made from several collectable minifigs. I think he makes a passable Shistavanen - they are basically wolfmen anyway :)

Hope you like it :)


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Not bad at all 'Kaitan', the injection of a little lime green breaks up the greys ! :wink:

Your custom figure is actually the coolest part of this.....goodness even Boba might get the shakes a little fighting this guy....he shoots and then by the looks of him...eats you ! :devil:

Good luck and may the brick be with you ! :grin:

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For something built with limited parts and pieces this is a pretty good entry. The overall studless look is quite nice as is your custom character. Good job and best of luck! :thumbup:

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The side view is great.

Some more lime details could boost it higher in the ranks imo.

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