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Barman76's Lego Technic Walker with Retractable Legs

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Barman76/ barebos/ Barry Bosman posted this

of his Lego Technic Walker with Retractable Legs. He wrote,

"This project was started as an entry for the motorized sci-fi contest on I didn't succeed on making the deadline.

"Unfortunatly this project didn't work, so nothing was lost.

"The first idea was to make a sci-fi car with legs. When the terrain would become to rufh for the wheels, the legs would extend and it could walk on.

"Because the system doesn't work as well as I had hoped, I never constructed the wheels underneath. The model doesn't work because the body has become to heavy, the springs are to strong and the slack of the Lego parts is too big. I know this system will work, but in a complete different construct. Perhaps the idea of ISOGAWAYoshihito‬‏'s walker is better, using elastic bands and 3x3 liftarms rounded.

"The system works be using Technic springs as rods to hold the legs in there nutrale position. When the springs move, the legs extend and lock into there walking position. For rotating the legs (moving them forward) the spring keeps tension on the liftarm attached to the leg. The rotation liftarm 2L makes the leg move. For lifting the leg, the springs on top are compressed by the rotating liftarm 2L and the leg moves slightly up. When the rotating liftarm passes the spring arm, the springs force down the leg (clicking sound)."

There are 6 photos on his Flickr photostream.

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