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Review: 7051 Tripod Invader

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Review: 7051 Tripod Invader

Theme: Alien Conquest

Name: Tripod Invader

Year: 2011

Price: 19.99 USD

Pieces: 166

Minifigures: Alien Trooper, Businessman victim

Sorry if the pics are a little bit less than optimal, but bear with me and hopefully I can describe this set well enough to make up for the pics.

I got the new Tripod Invader set from today. It's a great set and well worth the price due to its fun parts and good play value, even if it's a bit light on the piece count.

Back of the box shows off the play features including the separating saucer, human-imprisoning clear pod (which also separates), and 'Alien Clinger' little figure accessory that can attach to the hapless executive figure included.

The small size box contains three bags, instruction and a DSS. I actually kind of like the stickers on this one, they aren't too hard to put on and really add some character to the model.

The minifigures include the new Alien Trooper figure with a nicely printed torso and legs, great looking head with nasty looking teeth and pinkish brain ridges, but no printing on the back. He includes a flat silver version of the new space gun, always a nice piece. Also included is the very fun and original 'Alien Clinger' which is a brain-slug style accessory with tentacles and a top eyestalk. He can fit into the ship's cockpit along with the trooper. The third figure is a very nice generic-looking Businessman victim. He's wearing a navy pinstripe suit, glasses and carries a briefcase. He's got back printing and a two sided face, one normal and one distressed. The Clinger goes nicely onto his head and you get a great 'possessed by aliens' effect.

The saucer part of the ship is built first, this is a nice small flying saucer with some purple and green accents, decent SNOT detailing on the bottom part, and that wonderful clear dome canopy. The removable capture pod is just two of the oval trans-green canopy parts, both hinged simply together. It works fine and holds the victim along with his case. You can even leave the Clinger attached to his head if you get the eyestalk sticking out a bit.

Ordering his enslaved victim into the capture pod:

The instructions are nice and clear, and the stickers aren't too bad at all. It's probably too tiny to make out in my photos, but on one of the front-saucer stickers there's a little bumper sticker that says 'We've been to earth'

The instructions and stickers both feature this alien glyph pattern, a nice touch. Not sure if it says anything, but I like the detailing of the stickers.

You build the tripod legs next, all three are the same build. The technic parts give it a certain amount of articulation, but not too much. It can 'walk' with what it has, but it stands firmly and the articulated ankles with broad radar-dish feet give it a good look. I like the little accents on the feet like the green knife-blade parts and the hinged bits with a round purple 1x1 tile detail. The tripod parts all attach to a three-bladed technic hub.

The last bit is a connector with the larger cannon, this is one of those ball and socket parts with a trans-green antenna. Here is the only part that I felt needed a bit of a modification - the way it was instructed, the swivel on the connector was a bit loose, and the saucer and cannon would rotate a bit freely. All I did was take a bit of the extra sticker sheet and add it into the inside of the swivel to tighten it up a bit.

The saucer connects to the cannon bit with a rod into the round piece on the saucer floor, and naturally it can lift off and separate. The cannon bit attaches to the tripod base with a technic rod with caps on either end to assure the proper spacing. Once it's together, the ship and cannon rotate in one piece on the tripod legs and the cannon swivels in its socket for a good range of movement. The whole thing is very fun and retro, Mars Attacks combined with War of the Worlds.

If you want, you can even detach the prison pod from the saucer and attach it to the tripod and cannon assembly.

The instructions also show the rest of the Alien Conquest line and an action scene featuring the squid-bodied commander and our hapless businessman.

Overall I feel that this set is a clear winner, lots of play value and alieny goodness. It could have included a defense force element like some of the other sets, but I like the idea of having more civilian victims included.

The modular nature of the tripod makes for a lot of variety in its play value, and the model is well built and sturdy.


"toy geek"

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Since your pictures are from Brickshelf, you'll need to deeplink them for us to be able to view them. Please refer to this tutorial if you're not sure on how to do so. :sweet:

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Okay, I think I finally got this uploading photo thing figured out. Please let me know if it's looking okay now.

Whew, this is harder than my job!


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I'd love to read the review and look at the images, but with all due respect, please resize those pictures. There is really no need for web pictures to be bigger than 800x600 pixels. Your pictures are several thousand pixels wide and take ages to load. :wink:

Feel free to have a look at the Tutorials Index to learn how to optimize your images. :classic:

Thank you and best greetings,

~ Christopher

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