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Dummy Croissant's Coruscant Speeder

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Dummy Croissant is one of the most dangerous Coruscant bounty hunters. Armed with his blaster and great skills (yeah,

right) he is unstopable and fast. Dummy C. became famous for killing Donut brothers, capturing Fasty Foody,

Chocolate Bar and saving Apple Pie from certain death.

Once he got enough money, he bought around 150 LEGO pieces to build his own speeder/hovercraft (things that fly all over

the Coruscant and elsewhere). :tongue:

After 18 hours of building (because he read instructions wrong 4 times!!!) he finnaly had his own speeder.

DC-CS can hover, fly and land almost anywhere. It's armed with 4 blaster cannons positioned on down side of the

engines, and those blaster cannons can be used as landing gear, too.

Two engines (one on each side) work purely on electricity and can move speeder faster than most of the Coruscant


Whole speeder is really aerodinamic and on front part of the cockpit it has Dummy C.'s signature: croissant

(no kidding :tongue: )



EB Character Rides Personal Vehicle entry by hrcywindu, on Flickr

I know background isn't Coruscant, but I couldn't find any Coruscant background (I know, I deserve facepalm).


Dummy Croissant's Coruscant Speeder by hrcywindu, on Flickr


Blaster cannons used as landing gear by hrcywindu, on Flickr

You can see blaster cannons used as landing gear.

Dummy Croissant:


Dummy Croissant by hrcywindu, on Flickr

Rate, see more pictures and comment:

I hope you like it!

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Very nice job. The speeder looks awesome, and has a great colors. I might make Dummy a little more sci-fi-ish, other than just the gun.

Great job :thumbup:

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Very unique entry Stardusty, the overall SNOT build really looks good. Nice job and good luck! :thumbup:

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You just can't get enough of the SNOT, can you Stardusty? :laugh:

Just kidding, it's the ultimate technique! :classic:

Nice job here! :thumbup:

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