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Mr. McDuck

Cabrio car

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I didn`t know whert to post this cretaion so I pot it here. If i put it in a wrong place, moderators, please move it where it belongs.

So, the creation..

Tis is my second car that I finished (you can find first one on my MOCpages).

I can say that I enjoyed building this one more than the previous because I didn`t have the pressure of must finishing it in certain time (first one was for a MOCoff)

It isn`t any specific model, it is just a car that I had an idea to build.

And finally the pictures:



More pictures can be found here:


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For a free-style pressure-free build I really like this car a lot - it has some interesting parts usage (windshield, side mirrors, door handles), the white color scheme looks really fresh, and the semi-studded finish gives it an authentic feel of a LEGO MOC. Well done Mr. McDuck! :thumbup:

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A nice design. :classic: When I see it correctly, you can even open the doors. Can you open the trunk and motor cover as well? A photo with all doors open would look fine I think. :classic:


~ Christopher

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