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Review 8674 Ferrari F1 racer 1/8

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Well lets start with a picture of the instructions.


the first thing that strikes you about this set is that it is big 1242 pieces as listed on S@H which I guess is why it comes in at �100.

The Ferrari Technic always seems slightly more expensive per piece than normal Technic sets.

The instructions are clear no problems with colour recogmition and they are 131 pages with a parts list at the back.

The Box Back


The set comes in one of the what seems to be the new standard rip to open box.

The Contents


As I have already said there are alot of peices, there are a lot of panel but suprisingly very few long beams the morority of pieces seem to be small plates of different shapes and sizes.

The build is split into different sections first the cockpit and front suspension.


there is quite a lot of detail in the front suspension and steering mechanism I was a bit dissapointed in the seat though.

The next section is the rear suspention and engine again this contains suspension and a differential with drive to the engine.


from this you go on to build the nose cone rear wings and engine cover which are all easilly removable.


Next the dreaded sticker sheet :-/


I never use the stickers as I dont leave my kits built for very long and you cant use the bits for Mocs

And finally the finished model


It is difficult to show how big the finished model is it comes in at 617mm or just over 2 feet long. It is a lot bigger that the Enzo.

I have not seen wheels this big before either, see Here and Here

Overall I would give this set an 8/10 due mainly to its size and some nice details it is also a set that takes a lot of time to complete I think I must have spent 7-8 hours building it in total which has to be value for money

On the down side stickers and no alternative model with this many peices it would not be difficult to come up with some kind of truck or something similar.

I have some more pictures on my brickshelf gallery Here

If anyone has any question let me know and I will try to answer them :-D

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Tks Ickelpete for this cool review !! (and for using my term of DSS aka dreaded sticker sheet ;-) )

This car is HUGE !! Tks for the size comparison of the wheels with the MF and ambulance !! Its GIGANTIC 8-

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Since you don't keep your sets, I know the answer but I'll ask the question anyhow just in case someone will read my prayer :-D Do you have the Ferrari F1 1/10 to put it next to the 1/8th one (for an interesting size comparison) ?


I was going to rebuild the F1 1/10 to do the comparison but it looks like sam has saved me a job!!

cheers Sam :-D

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Just reviving a very old thread after 6.5 years LOL...

Got a chance to buy the elusive 8674 for $80, with instructions but without box..Got a few parts missing but nothing major. Already ordered the missing parts in BL.

For the price of it, who can complain? :thumbup:

So after washing the parts and drying it, I started assembly and 7 hours later, here's what I have done...I'll continue again after I received the missing parts then a few more pages and couple of hours maybe..

The nose




Compared it with my finished 8386 (which I also got cheap..



Also, this set came as a freebie from the 8674 seller..The seller said she will include some additional parts that I can use, I didn't expect it as another set :laugh:


Partially applied stickers


1 bag still unopened


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