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green dewback

Boba Fett's junkyard airspeeder

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Constructed with parts taken from a junkyard gives Boba an airspeeder with the advantage of being unrecognizable to make a quick escape.

The airspeeder is powered by a single TIE fighter ion engine stolen from the Empire Scrapyard thus having unsurpassed speed compared to other similar-sized airspeeders.

This big and bulky workhorse is built to be crash-resistant as the brakes rarely work.


The speeder seats 4 with comfort.

Soft headrest for the front seat cushions the high acceleration of the speeder.


Leia trying to annoy the famous bounty hunter.


That is all

Thank you for viewing.

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Interesting. It looks like a hovermode conversion of some junker jeep like vehicle.

How does that technic piece (under Leia's platform) connect under the platform? I can see it is pegged onto the bley pin.

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