Coming soon: my finished Railjet MOC

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So, some of you might remember my first MOC project to build a Lego version of the ÖBB Railjet highspeed train...


Now, here are the photos of the finished full rake, consisting of a locomotive + economy class car + bistro car + premium class driving trailer:



More photos in my Flickr photostream...

Well, I hope you like it! :classic:

PS: Is there a way to remove the "Coming soon:" from the thread title? I don't really want to open a new thread...

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Thanks a lot. I'll be uploading a few more pics soon :)

Nice MOC. What do you make your decals from?

Most of them, I designed myself in Photoshop based on photos of the original printings on the train. I made two A3-sized files and had them printed at a copy shop, one on transparent sheet and one on white sheet. The transparent decals are mostly used on the outside of the train (for labels etc.) and the ones with white background on the inside (for signs, displays etc.).

The problem with this method is that it does not allow to use white colour in the decals (everything that's white in Photoshop becomes transparent when printed on transparent sheet) so the few white decals on the train are from stock Lego sets. That is a bit of a problem when building a train with a dark "paint scheme" like the railjet...

I since learned from other Lego builders that if you need white decals, label printers are an option...

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So, I just uploaded the pictures of the finished full rake! I hope you like it as much as I do...

And while we are at it: Happy Easter everybody!

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