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Mr Man

Anakin Skywalker’s Skytaxi

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OK guys here’s My first contest entry Anakin Skywalker’s Skytaxi.

Converted from some scraped ships found by the Jedi to impress a certain senator, a 42-J ST, and a SSU-14s Fire and haulage tanker, all painted up in the Anieys yellow.


A front view


A side view


The other side view


The fire trucks Spartan interior


Our hero uses the matching ladders to board his ship on the way to someone’s flat.


“There’s room in here” For 2 droids and a senator.


Or for a fellow Jedi on missions where the Twilight is too big, and there JSF would be recognised.


And room for His next project.

Features include a homing turret at the back, advanced communication equipment, heavily armoured roof and wings, forward homing missile launchers, souped up engines, and to docking hooks on the back converted from hauling rods.

Thank you for viewing.

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I am not sure that I am a fan of having a steering wheel in a spaceship.

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