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Review 21100 Shinkai 6500 Submarine

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Hello all,

My first review on EB on the set 21100, the Shinkai 6500 Submarine. A unique set only available for sale in Japan and the first set made via LEGO and its partner Cuusoo.


LEGO Set No/Name

21100 Shinkai 6500 Submarine

Theme: TLG/ Cuusoo

Released: 2010

Pieces: 412

Minifigs: 0

Price: ¥ 4,830


Continuing on to the back of box, shows some actual photos of the actual submarine, as well as some facts about the submarine.


Opening the box, unlike most other sets with lots of air, this set is very compact!


The parts when unpacked, from what is stated in Brickset, there are only 412 parts.


Some shots of the instruction booklet, also different from the mainstream sets, book has pages describing the submarine, the operations, author, mostly in Japanese.


Another shot of the instruction booklet, shown below the last view of the submarine as it is to be displayed. As well as some information on the marine life encountered by the submarine deep in the ocean.


As you may already know, Cuusoo requires 1000 supporters to get a set produced, however it must be also feasible to make. This page (and another 2 pages) shows this, but i dont think all names are listed, as counting the total i only got 353 (21 rows x18 columns - 4), But at the end of the last name, they put 1066 names.


The Dreaded Sticker Sheet (DSS) -> Since it small and cushioned by the instruction booklet at the bottom of the box and tightly compacted by the parts, it was in good condition!


Starting out with actual building the building, the base, The black sticker is meant to be pasted on the centre bottom tile, wished it was printed as in the other Architecture sets


Completing the left side of the base, some rock formation with hot underwater vents


Believe the below is for some deep water lifeforms (crabs, octopus, etc?)


Completing the base, the technic axle is to hold the submarine at a tilted angle.


Now for the submarine, will not be going to the whole process of fixing it up, more of almost completed shots. The submarine is made modular, this is the rear section. The rear tail piece is rare in terms of the color orange and only appears in this set. Also the 2 round stickers go on both sides of the orange tail.


Another look at the rear section, the propeller turns.


The midsection 1/2 completed.


The midsection completed


How the mid and rear section fit together


The front section 1/2 completed


Note the bottom 1x1 round plates, those are supposed to be cameras


Another view of the front section, oh yes, the 2 white stickers goes on the White 4 x 2 Wedge


How the front section joins the mid section


The final piece, the view ports, sample baskets, and claw arms. That goes into the mid section black Technic pins.


Completed set in modules


Everything put together on the base.


Spares, may have missed some 1x1 round white plate. But the spares can be used to extend the rock formation/gases to your liking.


Fun shot - how big is the submarine? About 1/2 the size of the 10213 shuttle from the claw arms.



Overall, it is an easy set to build, i like the modular building process which also makes it easy to keep.As with all Architecture sets, it is more for a display piece rather than for heavy play.

Using price per price, it is slightly pricey, however being a rare set with only 10000 sets produced, it is definitely worth the price.

Comments welcomed!

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Very nice review Cavey! It's really good to have the opportunity to have a closer look at this rare set through this review. The build of the sub is very well done IMO, especially with the overall SNOT build that we don't normally see in regular sets. Hope to see more of these Cuusoo sets in the future.

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