Newbie from Down Under (WTT Minifigs!)

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G'day all,

Newbie to the site.

Been collecting the new Minifigure series and looking for somewhere to be able to trade my duplicates for missing figures.

Hoping that this is a good place in that regard :)

This is my first post - just about to go start familiarising myself with the site.

Living in Australia, but willing to trade where-ever with reputable people. Been trading stuff like sports cards and Star Wars for years online, but this will be my first attempt at trading Lego :)

Loved Lego as a kid and now have passed that love onto my son,



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Hi Adam. I'm fairly new around here too, but I just wanted to welcome you to Eurobricks.

There is a Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds Forum here on Eurobricks that might be of interest to you, and there is also an Aussie Sales Thread that you might be interested in too (just jump to the last few pages for the most recent stuff).

You could also try buying/selling Collectible Minifigures on the BrickLink site or eBay.

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Welcome to the forums!

This is a great place for trading/selling/buying LEGO's, but realize as a brand new member, other members may be cautious on dealing with you, since you have no track record with us. So don't be surprised if someone expects you to ship beofre being paid, it's not uncommon among new members.

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Huh. I'm never shipping first again. (Unless JMF proves his worth and ships his parts) I lost $40 to him. *oh2*

On the other hand, welcome to the boards!

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