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Review: 3300005 - Mini Nyhavn

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3300005 - Mini Nyhavn


Set Name: 3300005 Mini Nyhavn

Theme: Promotional

Released: 2011

Pieces: 56

Minifigs: 0

Price: Buy for more than 199DKK and get it free. (Only available April 9th 2011)

Friday and Saturday this week (8-9th of April 2011) the LEGO store in Copenhagen is having its grand opening. On Friday you got a t-shirt but on Saturday you got this special mini model of the famous Nyhavn (New Harbor) in Copenhagen.



You didn't actually get a box nor did you get a polybag but it was in a regular ziplock plastic bag. This kind of bag is the same kind as you get replacements in.



Just a normal A4 size piece of pager. Nothing special.




This is the best part of the set. You get some really cool new bricks. You might think it is just another set with stickers but no. This is new PRINTED bricks! I was very surprised to see this but it shows us that LEGO is moving the right way, concerning stickers.


A straight forward build. You start by building the harbor and then the buildings and the ship.







With a set this small i wasn't counting on any leftovers but there was a surprising 10 bricks left.



Build: 8/10 - Few bricks but still a fun build and it shows just how much you can do with 56 bricks!

Design: 10/10 - The design is really good. If you have been to Nyhavn you will recognize this set. It is not a particular building but just the way it is made reminds you of the place.

Parts: 10/10 - 9 New and printed bricks. That is just awesome.

Playability: 0/10 - This set is not for playing but a set you need to have on display.

Price: 10/10 - Well if was free =)

Total: 9/10 - A really cool set that shows an iconic place in Copenhagen.

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For a promotional set, it certainly uses a wide array of colors. Most of the appeal seems to come from having a personal connection to the place.

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Very interesting promotional set, though not really the best I've seen. It seems TLG went the easy way for the printed windows on the bricks, but it's a freebie, so no point really in complaining.

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Indeed. Actually, I'd say the easy way would have been to use stickers rather than printing on bricks at all. Given that this is almost surely a very very small production run (small enough that the sets were packaged by hand than machine, most likely), it's really remarkable to me that they have printed bricks.

Just how many of these are there? I know most of these limited sets promoting store openings have runs somewhere in the hundreds...

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Those printed windows are going to be very useful in micro mocs anyway. If LEGO has other good ideas to copy from clones, I'll be happy to see it happen.

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