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Review: 6533 Police 4 x 4

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Set: 6533 Police 4 x 4

Year: 1992 - (1995?)

Pieces: 62

Minifig(s): 1

Price: $4.75 (

Won: $2 (eBay)

Theme/ Subtheme: Town/ Police


This was a neat little set I always wanted but, was never able to get. I was about 5 when it was released and did not know its existence until about 1997 when I was actually collecting Lego. I won this in a pair with another classic set 6525 Blaze Commander. T

I did not receive the box with this set but, it was complete with instructions. So, no big loss on that. I suppose these few pieces on the cross way could be the "specialty pieces". The office included with this set is still an original torso print from the 80's, TLC had switched to the fat tires or today. Here is the piece layout and instructions.:look:


Starting the build with wheels, chassis, and fenders.


Now for the rest of the lower body:


Finally the upper body and accessories.


I wasn't totally satisfied with the final product. It's the more modern 4-wide but, has all the older 80's printed bricks/fig. So I modded it a bit.

Here's what stayed original:


Here is what went in: bull gaurd, side steps, new "suspension" and wider axles, trailer hitch, seat, hood scoop, updated 'Police' tile, etc, and a U.S. Marshal.


The final product:


A view of it next to it's forerunner from the 80's:


All in all, it was a very simple but, still fun build. A real neat set with a good looking pick-up. I would not pay retail for one though. Unless you are a diehard classic town buff, that price is just a little to steep for the parts and minifig. Thats not to say there are good deals out there. Thanks for reading :classic:

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Again I love these jeep like trucks! Nice review too. How many of these do you have? :classic:

Thanks 'Fuzzylegobricks', I too, love the jeep-like trucks of the 4-wide. I honestly I could ball park it at 10-15 in all varieties. Like the small car a bunch are color variations of the same/ similar model :classic:

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