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[REVIEW] 4478 Geonosian Fighter

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The Clone Wars have begun. Squads of Geonosian fighters are challenging the Jedi. If they use just the right speed and maneuverability, they may find victory. Manned by winged Geonosian pilots and assisted by battle droids, it will take all of the Jedi's skill and daring to stop them.

Set number:4478

Set name:Geonosian Fighter

Sub theme:AOTC

Minifigures:Geonosian, Geonosian (with wings) and 2 battle droids (Geonosian)

Retail price:$20 (recently got mine of Ebay for about 25)



reference pic and info

This is one of my favorite lego star wars sets, I always wanted this set, but I recently got it of Ebay for a good deal. So I dont have the box.

the manual:


It's just an old school lego manual

a random page:


The parts:


As you can see, there are a lot of usefull parts, and in some very nice colours.


Here are the special parts, as you can see there all nicely printed. Which reminds me that there are no stickers in this set.

The built:


We start to built the fighter. This is the under-wing we are building.


I think at has a nice shape, and luckely it does not have weird random colours in it.


Here we have the engine part, which is also one half of the mainframe of the fighter.


Here you can see that the frame connects to the blade due pins and holes.


This is the other half of the frame, whick also has the ball-joint gun.


here it connects to the blade.


here are the 2 sides of the fighter. They are very simple built. And in my opinion lego should have don this better.


Here it covers the inner frame.


here is the upper-blade. It is almost identical to the other blade, but hase a cockpit piece and a hole in the middle for the pilot to go in the ship.


Here the fighter has been built completely.


Now we start with the built of the gun. This is the part that will hold the gun so that it wont fall down.


Here is the gun itself. It is basic just some dishes and plates on each other, with a technic axle through it to provide it to be held together.


The gomplete gun is very big. I simply love that printed piece in front.

The minifigures:


Now this is the main resean many people want this set. It comes with a geonosian, a geonosian (with wings) and 2 battle droids (Geonosian). And yes the old ''megaphone'' guns.


The battle droids are the ones we all know. As you can see these come with a backpack, which I think lego should put on every battle droid.


Here you see the difference, the geonosian battle droid is on the right.


Here are the geonosians. There both the same, buth only one comes with wings.


No backprinting sadly.


These wings are just amazing, there not like the capes lego makes, but there actually really thin plastic, which you can bend.


I simply love these figs.

The complete set:


I love this set, It's is like a bigger battlepack.


Here is the closeup of the gun. There can stand a gunner, and he even has controls. I must admit the gun is really oversized though.


Here we see the front of the fighter. Notice how great the printed piece looks here. The ball-joint gun is simple and effective.


Here is thee back of the speeder, The engine is also on a ball-joint, but I have no clue why.


Here is the top of the fighter. The clear piece is supposed to be the glass of the cockpit.


The cockpit can also open, by removing the clear piece and open up the flaps. An other weird thing is that the instructions show to put the flaps with the printing to the inside (only for the upper blade).


There can fit a pilot in the fighter, but there isn't much space for him/her to sit comfortable.


With the cockpit closed you can hardly see the pilot. I hope he wcan see uss though :laugh:(sorry for the reflection in this shot)


price:8/10 it is about 10 cents per piece, and it has new mold and colours back then, so it was good value

Parts:10/10This was also a good parts pack when the price was normal. It has a lot of usefull parts, in usefull colours.

Minifigs:9/10Just awsome, although another wing for the other geonosian would be nice.

swoosh factor:9/10you can really easy swoosh the fighter around

accurate:6/10It could have been better, I really don't like the side of the fighter. And the big gun isn't great either.

Total:8.4/10I love this set, if you have the chance to buy it for a good price, do it. The prce will lower when the new geonosian fighter will be released. From the pics I have seen from the new one, I like this one better. The other one has an insane price. But I wil pick one up to review it and compare it to this set.


Hope you enjoyed this review, comments on how to improve my review are welcome.


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Nice review of a nice set, Blackknight. About the printed flaps, I believe those are stairs for boarding the craft, and when the cockpit is closed they fold up inside.

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Certainly quite a rare set. It took me a while to find one of these complete with a box, and when I did I had to pay a premium for it. I agree with you that the Geonosian minifigs are great. The ship looks quite awkward to me, but there's not much that LEGO can do about the source material ! I think that if it wasn't for the minifigs this set would not really be in demand. But then, that's also true for sets like Cloud City, Cantina etc.

Thanks for the excellent review - much appreciated !


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Thanks for the review 'Blackknight112', it will be interesting to see the new one reviewed down the track and be compared to see which is better. :wink: Though if you call it a big battle pack, I feel it's worth minus....those ugly loudhailer blasters - I hate those things ! :angry:

A nice factor is no stickers, printed parts and also the cool factor is the sonic cannon....fie, Jedi scum ! :devil:

Anyway, still a great set (except for those blasters) and a great review too !

May the Sith Brick be with you ! :grin:

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Good review Blackknight112! :thumbup:

I love this set, wish I could find a cheap one. The parts are good, with some lovely printed pieces. The figs are great, I wish TLC had put the geonosians in more sets. The Battle droids are cool with the pinky tan colour and the backpacks, yeah it would be cool if they where on all battle droids.

Thanks for the review, and very good pics btw. :sweet:


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Nice review. This is a set I've always lusted after. I only have 2 of the droids(they're now breaking), and one of the Geonosians. Still looking for the full set. :wub:

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Great reveiw. I like this set, although I remeber it as kinda unstable. Do you have a similar problem?

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Really nice price! (is that US or Euro :O?)

And i think i like these geonosian better than the new one -.-

Great review :thumbup:

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Very nice review on a set I regret not getting. I wish I could get that set for $25 :cry_sad:

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Very nice review Blackknight! It's nice to see a 'refresher' look at this set especially with the upcoming updated version of the Geonosian Fighter. I miss those printed pieces, one of the great things of the yesteryears.

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Great reveiw. I like this set, although I remeber it as kinda unstable. Do you have a similar problem?

I dont find it unstable at all.

And I have bought this set for 25$ including shipping.

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Great review, and $25 for this set is a steal, the figs in that set alone sell for quite a bit last time I checked, especially with the Genosians.

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