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Let me introduce the most cutiest monster ever:

The Creeper


The official Minecraft Wiki says that:

The Creeper is a green, near-silent, ambush/kamikaze mob that was first introduced in Survival Test version. Upon getting close enough to the player, it will let out a loud hissing sound and detonate after 1.5 seconds. Creepers do not have an idle sound, and they do not catch fire when in direct sunlight, unlike Zombies and Skeletons.

I am sorry that my Creeper don't have the mosaic over the whole body - i am too lazy for making it. But he's still nice looking one. ^^

Here is official pic from Minecraft Wiki with Creeper for comparison:


And now I'll show you my sculpture. Sorry for linking you, but those screenshots are too big for forum topic, and I am too tired to resize them. Maybe later. =)

As you can see, the neck is bendable.

The legs can be bended too, possibly. =)

I hope you'll enjoy it, and Minecraft fans such as I am, will like him. ^^

Get LXF-file

C&C are welcome!

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I've never played minecraft, but I'd say that's a pretty accurate representation.

Very cool abstract monster. :thumbup:

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