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Darth Yogi

HMS Nightmare

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[pid][/pid] 120B

Hello, its been a while since I have been on but meanwhile I've been working on a big project.

This is my first ship in this style, I have made a Chinese Junk, but the techniques are very different.

A new captain was appointed to this ship in the redcoats navy. Captain Dy.


And now I present to you the HMS Nightmare itself. It includes custom sails using my own templates, and custom rigging and, over a month of work.





And now more of the detail.


The ship has 6 cannons(all I had) 3 on each side although, it has room for 12


Here is the stern.



Now my custom rigging.


Heres the bow with a hooded figurehead holding a trident.


Heres the deck. All design credit of the grate goes to "Perfectionist"


Here we can see the look out in the crows nest.


Now lets take a look inside.

In the captains cabin we can see a bed, a gun rack, a desk and a chair.


Underneath the Captains cabin is the treasure room with crates and a chest full of gold.


Heres under the deck where all of the cannons are located.


Now you can see the power of this flagship as it easily destroys a Chinese junk ship.


Thanks for looking and I hope you have enjoyed my ship. Larger images ore on my flickr page. Please C&C.

Captain Dy.

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Nice, it's a good shape, and nice design. I think it would look better if you incorporated more realistic details. Like for example, the gun in the cabin is on a rack, it should probably be leaning in the corner. You also could have tiled the deck. Stuff like that. The more you do it the more realistic the whole model will look. You might want to look at Captain Green Hairs topic for using jumpers to create a more gradual and realistic slope.

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I like the brown-black colourscheme. That makes it look more realistic, altough some colours wouldn't be bad either ofcourse.

If you want to go for a bit more historical accuracy, here are my tips:

Except for the stern, the whole ship looks quite a lot like an 18th century brig.

In that case, the only changes you have to make is remove the elevated cabin in the back, make the stern wider and attach a spanker sail to the main mast.

But if you want to go for a galleon, you could keep the stern, give it a forecastle and change the rigging a bit, to more like this:


Anyway, as a first ship in 'this' style you did a rather nice job. Keep it up :thumbup:

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Nice! :thumbup:

I like the colour scheme (i'm working on a ship with a similar colour-scheme also as it happens - all will be revealed soon enough!).

My only suggestion would be to maybe give that poor captain some form of window in his cabin! :pir-tongue:

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Great! It looks really good, and has really nice sails. My only thing I would say is to add a window on the stern so people can see out the cabin.


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Thanks for all the comments, they are much appreciated so keep them coming. About the windows, I dont have any original windows, does anybody have any suggestions on how to make one?

Also, DobbyClone, about the tiles, I agree it would look very nice but only have a couple brown tiles left. The gun would need a rack or else it would fall down in the rough seas.

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