Techymind's Lego Technic Road Grader

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Here is another excellent Lego Technic Road Grader built for the 9th SeTechnic Challenge, this time by Techymind. It sports a "Eurovia/Hubbard color (White with blue and red line)". On his Brickshelf gallery, Techymind posted 12 BIG images and a .l3b animation file. His

shows all of its functions:


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Resized image. Please show some consideration for people on slower or more expensive connections. Please?

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Well, I'm quite surprised to see my Model here :classic:

Thank you.

I don't understand why the pictures are so BIG. I resized them.... Hmm I will upload new picture with decent size :sweet:

Maybe should I add come comment for this review :

It has basically 9 functions :

  • Steering with HOG on top of the cab : front wheel and central articulation are syncronized
    • Front steering (HOG / 20t / 12t / 8t)
    • Central articulation steering (HOG / 8t / 40t)

    [*]Front pendular steering

    [*]Rear independant left and right pendular suspension

    [*]Fake L4 engine powered via pendular suspension and a central differential

    [*]Main blade lowering/raising (worm / 8t)

    [*]Main blade left/right sliding (worm / 8t)

    [*]Main blade rotated (worm / turntable)

    [*]Rear ripper lowering/raising (friction)

This Road grader has exactly 600 parts (it was the maximum accepted in this challenge)

I will probably update the model with new and updated functions and with some design parts I could not put because of part limitation.

I'm glad I post for the first time here :classic:

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