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REVIEW: 2872 Witch and Fireplace

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Hi. This was my second review for the Reviewer's Academy and it features: the 2872 Witch and Fireplace!

Theme: Castle (Fright Knights)

No of pieces: 15 (excluding fig)

Release Date: 1997

Minifigs: 1

RRP when released: Not listed - I got mine free






This is the first side of the instructions. Though I don't have the box, I imagine that the picture on the front was the same as the one on the instructions cover. This page shows how to build the witch.


The second page shows the construction of the scenery and the overall set. As you can see, there are only 5 parts to the build.



These are the 15 pieces included in the set. There aren't really any rare pieces included, but the cat and the wand are nice parts I didn't have before.


By the second stage of the build, the model will look like this. The back of the fireplace has been attached the base, along with two 'hot coals'.


A couple of stages later and the fireplace should be complete. The sloped pieces and mantlepiece give it a nice look. The colours fit perfectly with the rest of the Fright Knights line.


Near the end of the build, after the 'potion' and animals have been attached, and the crystal ball has been made, the scenery will look like this. The crystal ball has a basic design but it stands at the right height to the witch and fits in with the overall look.






Here are a few different angles of the fireplace. Being in a tiny, cheap set, the design doesn't have to be spectacular, but at least isn't too awful. As you can see in the pictures, a trans-green cylinder has been included as well, presumably as a bottle of potion or something.


There are two animals included in the set: a black bat and a black cat. Every good witch should have a black cat so the set wouldn't be complete without one. The bat compliments the spooky feel of the Fright Knights sets.



:sing: The witch, in my opinion, is a very well-designed fig. She has a horrifically ugly face, a pointy black hat, and a black dress complete with spooky decoration.


The witch has a magical trans-red wand to use. It's nice that it's star-shaped, and not just a plain stick like the HP wands.

Ratings and thoughts

Build: 3/10 - Very short and very simple. Then again, you don't buy a set this small for the building experience, do you?

Minifigures: 6/10 - A 'nice'-looking fig. She fits the theme well, but is not an uncommon sight (unfortunately). :tongue:

Playability: 3/10 - There isn't much to do. If you bought other sets, you could make the witch cast spells on other figs, but all she can do here is look into her crystal ball and talk to her cat.

Design: 5/10 - The design is basic, but fits the theme well. It's eery design and colours make up for it's simplicity.

Price: 10/10 - Although, I don't know what the price was originally, I remember getting mine as promotionals in Little Chef. You were supposed to take one for free, I think, but being a little boy, I took a second without anyone noticing. :laugh:

Overall: 27/50 - Not a bad little set. Easy and cheap to get hold. The best thing to get if you want a few witches or fireplaces. :wink:

Edited by Rufus

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Nice review ADHO! :thumbup:

For a cheap little set it isn't bad, the witch fig is nice (i'll have to agree about her face though).

Good pics and keep up with your reviews! :sweet:


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Thanks for the review, ADHO! It's nice to see a review of such an old set. There's hardly anything to build, but it's got some really nice parts. I've got the witch minifigure, and the dress slope is really nice. Unfortunately, however, someone has chewed up the torso! Thanks again for the review!

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Great review 'ADH015', handy little set every second castle needs it's own witch for you never know when a rabbit comes a callin'.....witch+hazel+cleaver.jpg

The fireplace looks a little too basic.....oh, wait '97.....oh, yeah...<insert that tiresome argument> stuff started didn't eh ? MEH ! :hmpf:

Anyway, it's still okay as an add on set.

Brick On Everyone and watch out for those witches ! :grin:

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