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MOC Creator Comment:

I bring my special MOC - BOMB!!!

I made it and hope that Financial Secretary (FS) of Hong Kong "John Tsang" can hold in the hand to feel the the FIRE POWER from Hong Kong citizens. It is because he made the worst worst 2011 Financial Budget of Hong Kong.







Mr. John Tsang.. he made the anger of the Hong Kong citizens!


P.S. It is the fantastic style bomb model for the fun, NOT the true one, and it is the no any harm for people in the real for this lego model

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That's rather a unique way to express your political sentiments using this LEGO build. Though the subject is a bit violent in idea, the bomb and the lighter are well-done nonetheless.

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Great build! That bomb must feel alarmingly snuggly in your palm :)

And I don't mean to burst your bubble there, but financial ministers really have very little influence on the budget...

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"Someone set up us the bomb!" scnr

Seriously now: I like both models very much. The bomb, although simplistic in appearance, really captures the iconicity one would associate with the term "bomb" in contrast to a wild conglomeration of clocks, wires and detonator-packets most real-life explosive devices would be...

But what I really like is the political dimension of your build: Bringing together a serious topic and a childrens' toy is always a tricky path to wander, yet you pull it off with ease. I am impressed!

Be well all!


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