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I will keep this list updated and will add (pending) next to any items already in a pending trade.

Please PM if you have an offer! I'm in the USA but International trades are fine too. If your EB Straightshooter score is 0 or lower (!) I will ask you to ship first.

All series 1 figs will be trades at 2:1 (or s1:s1), all others are 1:1.

I have these CMF figs

(each in clear baggy with stand, all accessories & poster if you want it)

Series 1

Clown x2

Skateboarder x4

CT Dummy x3

Magician x1

Ninja x1

Diver x4

Cowboy x1

Series 2

Maraca Man x3

Motorcycle Cop x1

Lifeguard x1

Pharaoh x4

Series 3

Fisherman x6

Pilot x9

Samurai x1

Snowboarder x5

Sumo Wrestler x9

Mummy x11

Tennis Player x9

Driver x9

Hula Dancer x4

Rapper x6

Baseball Player x9

Series 4

Geisha x3

Musketeer x3

Rocker x2

Surfer x3

Monster x4

Hockey Player x3

Skateboarder x3

Sailor x5

Footballer x4

Werewolf x4

Hazmat x4

Painter x4

Ice Skater x3

Series 5

Lizard-man x2

Clown x1

Dancer x1

Queen x1

Series 6

Highlander x3

Sleepyhead x3

Liberty x3

Cowboy x5

Flamenco Dancer x5

Minotaur x5

Leprechaun x3

Surgeon x1

Skateboarder x3

Butcher x3

Mechanic x4

Genie x3

Looking for the following figures

Series 1

Zombie Head


Cheerleader PomPoms

Series 7

Any, open to offers.

Star Wars

White Boba Fett

Chrome C3PO (who isn't?)

Minifig No: sw309 Name: Shaak Ti

Minifig No: sw324 Name: Padme Naberrie (Light Flesh / 7961)

Minifig No: sw333 Name: Quinlan Vos

Minifig No: sw319 Name: Ki-Adi Mundi

Minifig No: sw105 Name: Lando Calrissian

Minifig No: sw054 Name: Boba Fett (Young)

Minifig No: sw321 Name: Captain Panaka

Minifig No: sw150 Name: Bespin Guard

Indiana Jones

Russian & German Soldiers

Airplane Mechanic

Shanghai Gangster


IJ White Tux


Alfred (torso only)


SDCC Green Lantern

SDCC Venom (Black suite Spiderman)





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I have:

Series 2

Karate Master

Series 3

Baseball Player


Series 4

Kimono Girl x2


Crazy Scientist

I want:

Series 2

Pop Star

Series 3

Tennis Player


Series 4

Street Skater


Soccer Player

Series 5


I'd prefer to stick with US traders. Thanks!

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(Updated on February 20, 2012)

Done for series 6. Check back again when series 7 hits...

-- HAVE --

SERIES 6 (All are unopened/mint)



Max keychain (tag still on, excellent condition)

Jack Sparrow keychain (tag still on, excellent condition)

-- NEED --



Will trade for my "need"s or for cash at MSRP. North America only (including Canada). I'm on the EB Straightshooters List. Also check out my eBay profile and feedback.

Edited by Zeya

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Opened, but with checklist and all accessories

Series 5

Lumberjack x 2

Zookeeper x 1

Cavegirl x 1

Series 6

Alien x 1


Series 5

Cavalryman/Royal Guard

Series 6

Statue of Liberty



UK TRADES ONLY PLEASE. I'm on the Eurobricks straightshooters list, and have good feedback on eBay http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=yetis_cave&ftab=AllFeedback

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I Want

Royal Guard (series 5)

If anyone is looking for specific series 5 figs let me know, I have quite a few stores near me and can find some other figs.

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Hello all! I am based in the UK and France (We have a house over there).







1X Gorilla Suit Guy



2x Graduates


2x Skater Girls



4x Evil Knights

2x Stuntmen


Team GB:

1x Relay Runner

I will update if I find anymore or get any spares.


Edited by Lance

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For Thomas_w



Mad Scientist

For your

Graduate student


Im in the uk too

Cheers Adrian

Edited by adreva11

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Trading within the US only please!

Have The Following:

S2 Lifeguard (Sealed)

S2 Ringmaster (Sealed)

S2 DJ (Sealed)

S3 Tennis Player (No Baggie or stand)

S3 Hula Dancer (No Baggie, stand, or maracas)

S5 Lizardman (Sealed)

S5 Snowboarder (Sealed)

S5 Snowboarder (Opened to check contents)

S5 Royal Guard (Opened to check contents)

S7 Aztec Warrior (Opened to check contents)

Want The Following:

S4 Hazmat Guy (Sealed)

S3 Samurai (Sealed) - High Priority

S3 Fisherman (Sealed) - High Priority

S1 Cheerleader (Sealed)

S1 Zombie (Sealed)

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None at the moment. Will update when i have updated my spares.

PM if you are looking for any particular minifigs though.


Edited by streifen

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Series 6

Bandit (2x)

Flamenco Dancer


Series 7

Aztec Warrior

Bagpiper (4x)

Galaxy Patrol (3x)

Jungle Boy

Viking Woman

Series 9

Alien Avenger (2x)

Chicken Suit Guy

Heroic Knight (2x)

Cyclops (3x)

Mermaid (3x)

Policeman (3x)

Fortune Teller


Battle Mech (2x)

Series 10

Skydiver (2x)

Bumblebee Girl

Revolutionary Solider

Baseball Fielder

Decorator (5x)

Motorcycle Mechanic (3x)

Series 11


Evil Mech


Lady Robot (2x)



Island Warrior

Barbarian (2x)

Scientist (2x)


Series 10



Sea Captain


Also, due to shipping costs I would prefer to trade more than one figure at a time. Can only do US transactions. Sorry for being so particular!

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preference to trading within north america

all my figures are opened and complete, come in a clear plastic baggy with all parts and accessories (unless otherwise noted) but no pamphlet.


series 3

1x sumo wrestler

1x space alien (missing laser beam)

series 4

2x lawn gnome's

1x hazmat guy

series 5

2x small clown

1x zoo keeper

1x royal guard


series 5

many lizard men

any series

cmf baseplates I'd do a 10 plates for 1 minifig trades

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Too much stuff in this thread to read through, but I'll go at it backwards.

I have five mini-figs I want, all series 5:


Evil Dwarf


Lizard Man


I have 10 trades, and am willing to give all 10 for the five I want. I am not willing to sell them in parts. all are open, complete. I can even through in the Japanese advertisements for them :sweet:

Gladiator x 3

Royal Guard x 2


Fitness Instructor

Ice Fisherman



I actually have another Ice Fisherman that my kid has scattered throughout my apartment, and would track it down for myself and give you my good one if you absolutely had to have two.

I'll keep looking around on this thread too :wink:

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I am late to the CMF scene.

I have 3 complete Series 5 sets for trade, I am after any of the previous four series. I am after complete sets, as opposed to individual figs, since I have no figs from the past four series.

Other spares I have from Series 5

4 x Royal Guards

4 x Boxers

1 x Cave Girl

1 x Gladiator

1 x Detective

1 x Fitness Instructor

2 x Zoo Keeper

2 x Dwarves

2 x Lizard Men

1 x Clown

1 x Lumberjack

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Hi everyone! I have a few figs that I would like to trade/sell!


Series 5

x1 - Lizard Suit Guy

x1 - Detective

x1 - Evil Dwarf


Series 1

x1 - Zombie

Series 2

x2 - Spartan

Series 6


I live in Israel and I trade worldwide.

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Hello everyone,

I'm new on this forum

I would like to trade my minifigs to complete my series

I have:

1 cave woman (S5)

2 demolition dummy (S1)

1 detective (S5)

1 fitness instructor (S5)

1 gorilla suit (S3)

1 ice fisherman (S5)

1 lawn gnome (S4)

3 ninja (S1)

1 pop star (S2)

1 punk rocker (S4)

2 sumo wrestler (S3)

1 weighlifter (S2)

1 witch (S2)

I want:

Baseball Player


Circus Clown


Crazy Scientist

Disco Dude

Egyptian Queen


Evil Dwarf





Hula Dancer

Kimono Girl


Lizard Man



Maraca Man



Race car Driver


Royal Guard


Snowboarder Guy

Soccer Player

Space Alien

Space Villain

Street Skater


Tennis Player

Traffic Cop

Tribal Chief

Tribal Hunter



I live in Belgium and I trade worldwide

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Hey Guys

I have a series 8 Diver that I would like to trade for the fairy, the cowgirl or the actor

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Updated 18.2.2014

- Updated Movie, 5 and 2 series haves and S11 wants.

I've got some figs up for trades. I am in the EB Straightshooters list.

Will trade atleast within Europe. Outside EU only a bigger amount at once because costly shipping.

I am also willing to buy the figures I have listed as wanted.

Up for trade:

Team GB

Unopened bags, feel method.

3x Brawny Boxer (#2)

1x Flexible Gymnast (#3)

3x Judo Fighter (#4)

3x Tactical Tennis Player (#5)

1x The Stealth Swimmer (#8)

Series 1:

Fig+accessories, no leaflet, no bag.

1x Scuba Diver (#15)

Series 2:

Fig+accessories, no leaflet, no bag.

2x Ringmaster (#3)

2x Mime (#9)

1x Skier (#12)

1x Karateka (#14)

Unopened bags, feel method.

1x Ringmaster (#3)

1x Lifeguard (#8)

Series 3:

Unopened bags, feel method.

3x Fisherman (#1)

3x Tribal Chief (#3)

3x Samurai Warrior (#4)

5x Space Villain (#6)

7x Sumo Wrestler (#7)

11x Mummy (#8)

2x Tennis Player (#10)

4x Race car Driver (#11)

5x Gorilla Guy (#12)

1x Space Alien (#13)

1x Hula Dancer (#14)

1x Rapper (#15)

6x Baseball Player (#16)

Fig+accessories, no leaflet, no bag.

2x Pilot (#2)

1x Samurai (#4)

3x Tennis Player (10)

Series 4:

Unopened bags, feel method.

1x Full 16 character set.

2x Garden Gnome (#1)

1x Geisha (#2)

1x Musketeer (#3)

1x Surfer Girl (#5)

2x Frankenstein (#7)

1x Hockey Player (#8)

3x Sailor (#10)

2x Football Player (#11)

2x Werewolf (#12)

2x Hazmat Guy (#13)

3x Artist (#14)

1x Figure Skater (#15)

2x Mad Scientist (#16)

Fig+accessories, no leaflet, no bag.

3x Garden Gnome (#1)

3x Geisha (#2)

3x Punk Rocker (#4)

2x Surfer (#5)

5x Frankenstein (#7)

2x Hockey Player (#8)

3x Skater (#9)

3x Hazmat Guy (#13)

2x Artist (#14)

Series 5:

Unopened bags, feel method.

1x Egyptian Queen (#14)

Series 6:

Unopened bags, feel method.

1x Classic Alien (#1)

4x Highland Battler (#2)

4x Bandit (#5)

2x Flamenco Dancer (#6)

4x Minotaur (#8)

2x Leprechaun (#9)

2x Skater Girl (#12)

1x Intergalactic Girl (#13)

2x Mechanic (#15)

Series 7:

Unopened bags, feel method.

2x Bagpiper (#6)

3x Daradevil (#7)

5x Galaxy Patrol (#8)

2x Tennis Ace (#9)

4x Jungle Boy (#10)

2x Hippie (#11)

2x Computer Programmer (#12)

2x Viking Woman (#13)

4x Evil Knight (#14)

Series 8:

Unopened bags, feel method.

6x Evil Robot (#1)

2x Conquistador (#2)

2x Cowgirl (#4)

3x Football Player (#5)

1x Diver (#6)

1x Downhill Skier (#7)

1x Businessman (#8)

3x Santa (#10)

3x Vampire Bat (#11)

5x DJ (#12)

2x Red Cheerleader (#13)

4x Pirate Captain (#15)

Series 9:

Unopened bags, feel method.

12x Cyclops (#2)

12x Heroic Knight (#4)

6x Roman Emperor (#5)

12x Policeman (#6)

6x Chicken Suit Guy (#7)

6x Judge (#10)

12x Alien Avenger (#11)

7x Mermaid (#12)

5x Battle Mech (#13)

6x Mr. Good And Evil (#14)

Series 10:

Unopened bags, feel method.

12x Roman Commander (#3)

6x Warrior Woman (#4)

6x Tomahawk Warrior (#5)

12x Skydiver (#6)

6x Paintball Player (#9)

6x Sad Clown (#11)

6x Revolutionary Soldier (#12)

12x Baseball Fielder (#13)

6x Decorator (#15)

12x Motorcycle Mechanic (#16)

Series Movie:

Unopened bags, feel method.

12x President Business (#2)

11x Hard Hat Emmet (#3)

7x Wild West Wyldstyle (#4)

6x Abraham Lincoln (#5)

12x Scribble-Face Bad Cop (#7)

6x Larry the Barista (#10)

6x Taco Tuesday Man (#12)

6x Where Are My Pants Guy (#13)

6x Wiley Fusebot (#14)

11x Panda Guy (#15)


Series 1:

up to 5 of each figure, sealed bags (or 5 full sets).


1x Robin Hood (#14) will accept opened bag/fig with accessories+baseplate

1x Cheerleader (#2) will accept opened bag/fig with accessories+baseplate

Series 2: (sealed bags)

4x Mexican (#1)

3x Roman soldier (#2)

4x Witch (#4)

1x Dracula (#5)

2x Police Officer (#6)

4x Explorer (#7)

5x Mime (#9)

1x Weight Lifter (#10)

5x Pop Singer (#11)

5x Skier (#12)

4x Disco dude (#13)

4x Karateka (#14)

1x Surfer dude (#15)

5x Pharaoh (#16)

Series 3: (sealed bags)

1x Pilot (#2)

1x Snowboarder (#5)

1x Elf (#9)

Team GB: (sealed bags)

3x Relay runner (#7)

1x Horseback rider (#9)

Series 10:

Mr. Gold. Sealed or not, code must be fresh and not used.

Series 11:

Up to 5 full sets sealed bags

1 full set will accept open bags with all accessories etc.

Edited by Dervish

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No packets, leaflets are available.

Series 5: 1x Cleopatra (no snake), 1x Gladiator, 1x Zookeeper, 1x Lizard Suit Guy, 1x Detective, and 1x Gangster


Series 1: 1x Skater Boy (mainly just the hair :tongue: )

Series 2: 1x Skiier (with everything, please!)

Series 6: Surgeon and Minotaur

Series 7: Anything :P

I live in the USA. I prefer to trade within the USA, but maybe UK if necessary.


Edited by CM4S

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Okay- I need to get rid of some of these figs. I am in the USA but will trade internationally if there is enough in the pot. I have very good Bricklink and Straight Shooter Cred.

I have a TON of good figs, so lets get this started!!


S1 (loose but COMPLETE)

1 x Magician

2 x Cowboy

2 x Caveman(!!)

S2 (loose but COMPLETE)

1 x Karate Champ

1 x Ring Master

1 x Surfer

1 x Pharaoh


2 x Pharaoh

1 x Hombre

1 x Mime

1 x Patrol Officer

? x Surfer (many)

S3 (loose but COMPLETE)

2 x Mummy

2 x Tennis Player

2 x Race Car Driver

2 x Samurai


1 x Pilot

? x Baseball Player (many)

? x Fisherman (many)

S4 (loose but COMPLETE)

2 x Lawn Gnome

1 x Street Skater

1 x Hazmat


2 x Mad Scientist(!)

1 x Artist

1 x Monster

1 x Street Skater

? x Hazmat (many)

S5 (loose but COMPLETE)

1 x Fitness Instructor

1 x Woodsman

1 x Detective


6 x Mobster(!)

2 x Ice Fisherman(!)

2 x Boxer

1 x Lizard Man

1 x Cave Woman

? x Dark Dwarf (many!!)

S6 (Sealed)

? x Roman Warrior (multiple)

S7 (will check)

S8 (Sealed)

? x Pirate (multiple)

S9 (Sealed)

1 x Waiter

S10 (Sealed)

2 x Mechanic

1 x Mohawk Warrior

WANTS (heard these before?)

S1 Forestman

S3 Elf

S4 Viking

S5 Gladiator

S7 Evil Knight

S9 Forest Maiden

S9 Cyclopse

S10 paintball guy (1x)

S10 Sea Captain (1x)

S10 Bumblebee (1x)

S10 Grampa (1x)

S10 Cellphone/dog girl (1x)

S10 Snake Lady (1x)

S10 Clown (1x)


cas461.jpg (torso and helmet are most important part)

cas488.jpg (torso and helmet are most important part)


522.gif (black or dark green)



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Dear all, I'm up for trading with other Dutch people...

I have:

Series 6

* Mechanic

* Robot

I want:

Series 6

* Highlander

* Minotaur

* Roman

* Butcher

* Leprechaun

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I have in my possession...

1x Minotaur(sealed)

1x Bandit

1x Skater girl

1x wind up robot

1x highlander

unless stated, all are opened to confirm contents.

I am looking for the zombie or Gangster figs.

Also willing to take a mad scientist or the Elf.

I'm also up for harry potter figs.

Original Dobby.

Griphook the Goblin

Prof Lupin

Prof Moody

Bealtrix Lestrange

I live in the US.

Edited by Ayden

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And here is my list:


Gent, Belgium, Europe, World...


2x Spartan (s2)

3x Elf (s3)

3x Samurai (s3)

1x Fisherman (s3)

2x Nucliar hazard guy (s4)

2x Gladiator (s5)

5x Royal Guard (s5)

1x Boxer (s5)


1x Artist (s4)

Multiple Roman soldiers (s6)

Multiple Stormtroopers (star wars)

German Soldiers (indiana Jones)

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