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Been on this board for many years, but not a big poster, so have the following to sell:

Lots 1 27$

Series 5:

-Cave Woman

-Royal Guard


-Lizard Suit Guy

-Zoo Keeper


-Series 7 Ocean King

-Series 3 Race Car Driver

Lot 2 34$

Series 5:

-Lizard Suit Guy

-Small Clown


-Fitness Instructor

-Zoo Keeper

-Snowboarder Guy

-Cave Woman

-Egyptian Queen



-Series 6 Highland Warrior

Am located in the USA. Prices include shipping within continental US. International buyers let me know and I will try to quote you on a price.

Also have the following polybags available:

30151 Bulldozer

30250 Ewar's Acro Fighter X 2

30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard

30005 Imperial Speeder

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Have a bunch of Series 5 figs, please seem my latest post in the thread below!

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Looking for these complete series sets, with complete figures (flier, extra pieces, bases, etc. No packaging necessary):

Series 8

Series 9

Series GB Olympics


Currently working on updated list

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CMF Series 3 Elf (x1) - minifig only

CMF Series 10 Roman Commander (x3) complete minifig

CMF Series 10 Warrior Woman (x2) complete minifig


CMF Series 6 Roman Soldier

CMF Series 5 Musketeer

PM me if you are interested! :)


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I am a UK trader and would prefer to stick to trading in the UK, but I am willing to trade overseas if there are more figures going each way.

I am a trusted trader, although not being on the Straightshooters list (no EB trades yet) I used to trade football trading cards a few years and received good feedback - see here

All of my minifigures that I have for trade have been opened to confirm the contents, but they come with the stand and accessories.

The minifigures I need that are in italic are minifigures that I would be willing to trade 2 or 3 figures for, because of the rarity.

Minifigures in red are ones that are in the process of being traded.

Feel free to PM me for offers or any questions.

Minifigures I have for trade:

Series 1:


Series 2:


Series 3:


Series 4:

Punk Rocker x 1

Surfer Girl x 1

The Monster x 2

Werewolf x 2

Artist x 2

Series 5:

Royal Guard x 2

Zookeeper x 1

Fitness Instructor x 1

Boxer x 1

Series 6:

Highland Battler x 2

Lady Liberty x 1

Bandit x 1

Flamenco Dancer x 2

Leprechaun x 1

Intergalactic Girl x 2

Series 7:

Aztec Warrior x 1

Bunny Suit Guy x 3

Tennis Ace x 3

Hippie x 1

Evil Knight x 2

Team GB:

Brawny Boxer x 1

Flexible Gymnast x 1

Series 8:

Conquistador x 1

Diver x 1

Downhill Skier x 1

Series 9:

Alien Avenger x 1

Minifigures I need:

Series 1:

Tribal Hunter



Circus Clown




Demolition Dummy


Super Wrestler





Deep Sea Diver


Series 2:

Maraca Man

Spartan Warrior




Traffic Cop



Pop Star


Disco Dude

Karate Master



Series 3:



Tribal Chief

Samurai Warrior


Space Villain

Sumo Wrestler



Tennis Player

Space Alien

Hula Dancer


Baseball Player

Series 4:

Garden Gnome


Hazmat Guy

Ice Skater

Series 5:

Cave Woman

Small Clown

Egyptian Queen

Series 6:

Clockwork Robot

Roman Soldier




Series 7:

Swimming Champion


Galaxy Patrol

Viking Woman

Team GB:

Judo Fighter

Relay Runner

Horseback Rider

Series 8:

Football Player


Vampire Bat

Red Cheerleader

The Thespian

Pirate Captain

I'm from portugal do you want to trade?

I want from you:

Brawny Boxer x 1

Flexible Gymnast x 1

Diver x 1

See my list over your post to pick 3.

Do we have an trade?

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Dear all,

I have moved all of your 'extra' posts inside my TCMP listing and I have updated all of the names in the first post who are registered members for the TCMP usage. Members of the TCMP may feel free to update your own individual posts to request for trades from Series 1 to 11. You may bump and announce all of your changes in this topic. Do not spam in my TCMP listing. I know I have not been updating it for awhile and the links are now undergo major revamp and I am half-way through. Thank you for your patience.


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And another update! Now I have some spare Series 1 Figures which I would like to trade with other Series 1 Figures. I am looking for these:

Wanted List

>> CMF wanted list on

Series 1

[1] Tribal Hunter

[5] Zombie

[7] Robot

[16] Cowboy

Series 8

[11] Vampire Bat

[16] Alien Villainess

Series 10

[2] Medusa

[8] Grandpa

Mr Gold :grin:

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Updated my trade list. Need GB, Series 9 and 11. Trades available from Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 11. US trades are easiest for me as I can't make it to the post too often, but worldwide trades are possible I just ask for your patience with those.

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I also would like to have a trade with someone if interested, here is my list:


Series 1 CMF:

[2] Demolition Dummy

[4] Forestman

[2] Ninja

[1] Nurse

[2] Skater

[3] Zombie

All bags are sealed and have been never opened. Also all of these bags may be sold, just check my actual inventory in my BrickLink store:


And also I have some boxes of 60 from CMF Series 1, they are also available in my store. I am opened for taking your offers.


Series 1 CMF:

[1] Tribal Hunter (sealed factory bag only)

[1] Circus Clown (sealed factory bag only)


- Super Heroes promo-sets (except Hawkeye and Thor sets)

- Star Wars promo-sets (with minifigures only, no vehicles)

Please feel free to e-mail me with your own offers, the local personal message system is not available for me now.

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In USA, prefer to trade in USA/Canada unless you have a large trade to make. I don't have any to trade with at the moment:



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