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Thank you very much,is great for me you like it,

I made by photo,as you can se i have uploaded new photo of the front,is motorized with a 9 volt.

and for me the "nose" of tgv of mr Jamie Mathis is better of mine...default_sad.gif

But i'm out of part...default_sing.gif

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Hi Gioppa, you did it again! :laugh:

This TGV is long and looks like the original! :thumbup:

I like your choice to make so many cars and I guess you have a great layout to play with!

Now I understand why you have spend so much money in this projects (TGV & ICE) ...I hope you have also saved some cash for beer :tongue:

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Great model, you have done well to render your TGV in orange parts! I like your ICE high speed train as well, good job!

I also have an interest in these models and have experimented with James Mathis' excellent designs, so you may find this thread about my high speed European passenger trains interesting. :)

You can also see videos of my TGV and ICE 3 in action on my Youtube channel.

Looking forward to seeing the photos of your models on a large layout!


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