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Our Tribute to Zorro

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As most all of you already know our beloved Admiral, Dieter De Vos (aka Zorro) passed away last month. His short life touched a lot of people all over the world. Feel free to leave some words for Zorro and his family in this thread. Zorro did a lot of good for Eurobricks, especially We, the staff and volunteers of Classic-Pirates would like to honor Zorro with an invitation to all members to create a MOC honoring Zorro. We also ask that you be discreet with your build. Post a few pics of your Memorial MOC in this thread. You can also create a separate thread in the MOC forum if you wish.

What Zorro did for Eurobricks....

The masked man made several reviews of Pirate and Castle sets. He filled quite a few gaps in the review indexes.

Imperial Flagship 6271

6043 Dragon Defender

Sabre Island 6265

6268 Renegade Runner

Barnacle Bay 1729

7048 Troll Warship

6020 Magic Shop

Zorro didn't post that many MOCs in his time here. Sadly, these are the only things we could find that he made.

Port Invasion

His Napoleonic Army

Fire at will! Down with the Republic!

Jedi Groundfighter Z80

You have been sentenced to death by immurement!

Zorro was also a big force when it came to organizing contests and events. He would spend hours and hours each week making eBay threads throughout the forums to raise enough money to have contests like the ones listed below.

Bayonets at Dawn

The Captain's Cabin Contest

Pillage the Village

Pillage the Village II: The Calm After the Storm

2010 Community Build

Tournament of Retribution II

Zorro's presence will be greatly missed throughout the forums. Please honor him by posting a memorial MOC.

Thank You

The team

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A great Man dies, A legend is born.

There will always be a spare seat in the Rum Room for Zorro.

Rest in peace mate.


For Zorro by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr

Please do not comment on this here this tread is for Zorro, I'll post more in the Moc thread for anyone that would like to leave a comment.

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I really haven't been on Eurobricks for that long, but I did know who Zorro was. I do miss 'im. I made this little vignette a little while ago at Christmastime. If he were still alive, I'd bet he would have liked to see it. :pir-cry_happy:


Rest in Peace, Zorro. Rest in peace.

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It took a long while to build Zorro's Spanish Army . My tribute to him consists of my British Army of 480 troops, British Navy of 192 officers, French Royalist forces of 64 soldiers, Zorro's Spanish Army of 418 soldiers, and the French Army of 448 soldiers. In total there are !,602 soldiers and a few of his many Eurobricks friends paying tribute to a great Lego Pirate fan. I miss his presence at Classic-Pirates. I had a lot of fun building these armies to pay my respects to him. Every time a new batch of parts arrived I thought of him. May his army stand in honor of his memory for many years to come. Gone but not forgotten Zorro.






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An old bump, but for a worthy cause, I'm sure Zorro would be proud of the army you created for him.

I am certainly impressed.

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Yes... one year has past, and I know that many of us could have one minute of our time to remember the person, that many of us do not met personally, but with this forum, we became closer friends

my troops and pirates make a pause.. a truce


my armies today rises with a black flag






thanks Dieter, our Admiral Zorro

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