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Bill and Mary Go to the Airport!

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Hi folks,

My first post here. Trying out Eurobricks since MocPages is going at a snails pace these days... so far I'm loving the speed!

Meet Bill and Mary. They sold their quiet suburban home in 1980 and moved HERE in search of adventure. 4th floor of the upscale I Heart U. Today they're taking a trip - and will be departing from the brand new Legoland International Airport!


Bill & Mary board the monorail. What - did you think they'd drive? Parking at the airport costs an arm and a legs assembly.


The Monorail circles the Loop, then passes along the plate glass windows en route to the main terminal station. You meet all sorts of people on the train... This guy says he's a prince.


Next stop: International Airport. Ticketing, Terminal 2.


What a busy place! Bill & Mary work their way off the train and down to the ticketing center.


Long lines everywhere! Bill & Mary wait patiently.


Darn customers - If it doesn't fit in the box, you can't carry it on! Not impressed, the polite agent waits while the insistent passenger tries to cram his camping pack in the tiny box.


Watching the video screens above the self-serve checkins, Bill and Mary are sucked in by the soothing music and relaxing images of happy customers frolicking about in fields of daisies. "Check in now, and be on your way. Enjoy hassle-free easy go self-serve checkin, at the check-o-matic."


Please swipe your card. (swipe)

Please swipe your card. (swipe)

Thank you. Please select your language (English)

Thank you. Please select your names [bill] [Mary]... (select, select)

Hola Tato y Lola. Gracias por usar el check-o-matic.

What?? Whack Whack. [start Over]

Please swipe your card. (swipe)

Please swipe your card. (swipe)

Please swipe your card. (swipe)

Giving up, it's no wonder there was no line for the check-o-matic. Bill and Mary return to the regular lines. Of course they're longer now.


That only took 45 minutes. We're next!

Your bags have been randomly selected for a special screening in the Scanmaster 5000. Please step over here.


Finally! Tickets in hand, Bill and Mary head to security gate A. That line... down the hall... around the corner?


Caught carrying more than 3 ounces of hair spray. Security is on top of things today!


I'm sorry sir, please remove any shoes, loose change, and full-body-titanium-core-mining suits.


The poor Power Miner can't figure out why the alarm keeps going off. Maybe it's the belt buckle...


I hope we don't get seated by THAT guy!


Ticket and ID, please.

But I had to check my purse! The lady said it was too big to carry on.

I'm sorry, you need ID.


What do we do now?? We're at the airport, and our ID is in a bag - packed in an airplane - headed somewhere without us!

Mary you have to run back to the condo and grab your passport. Go quick!

Back at the monorail station, service techs are hard at work.


"We're sorry for the inconvenience. Monorail service is temporarily interrupted due to a chicken on the tracks". The technician recommends a rental car.


Hurtz or Shifty. Tough choice!


I just need a car for 20 minutes and I'll be right back!

The Shifty rep has a couple options. There's the "economy" model that might be missing a few bricks, or the snappy yellow convertible built from all like-new parts. We really cant have a breakdown now, so Mary opts for the convertible. She is given the rundown on how to drive safely, signs in 5 places, initials in 8 more.

Would you like the insurance with that?


Ok, but you should really get the insurance with that. Can I write that in for you?

No thanks.

Ok, but insurance is great should you lose any plates, or return any of the bricks in other than like-new condition.

No, I have my own insurance.

Ok got that no insurance, so you don't want the exteneded insurance, can I interest you in the basic insurance with the extended option?

Mary checks out her car, signs in 3 more places and initials in 4 more.


Bill picks up some light reading material at the Info Booth while Mary gets her car. "Private Planes and You - How to build and fly your own LEGO plane".


Says he forgot the combination...


Back to Mary, she heads out for home!


She grabs her passport and head back to the airport.

[Flashing lights]... Invalid registration and no insurance. I'm sorry but your car will be impounded and sold off as parts.


With seemingly no other way back to the airport, Mary grabs on to a passing freight train.


Then hops a ride w the ground crew.


Exhausted from all the waiting Bill heads to McTronalds for a bite to eat.

(He can't help but wonder what's in their wallet...)


Bill relaxes as monorail after monorail screams by. I guess they got the trains fixed.


Back at last! Bill & Mary race thru security and head down to the main waiting room, where they meet all sorts of nice people.


Bill picks up a snack for Mary at the Pyramid Bagel Co.


Always helpful Mary shares a drink of her soda w the nice gentlemen. Says he hasn't had a hot meal in 328 days!


Announcement over the loudspeaker - Attention passengers, Flight 101 will be delayed due to excessive chewing of the bricks. Please remember that LEGO planes are intended for ages 3 and up. For our younger flyers please visit the Duplo terminal.

It might be a while, so Bill and Mary head to the book store.


Mary picks up a copy of the best selling Brick Fever.


Still waiting, our travellers head up to the exclusive Minifig Club Level and mingle with the others. This is more like it! A couple drinks should pass the time while the flight is delayed.


Mary watches as a mime attemts to bring a smile to grumpy faces... while other travellers relax and watch LNN.


It's the loudspeaker again - Attention passengers, Flight 101 is cancelled due to missing pieces. Please contact your ticketing agent. Mary races down to protest. The friendly clerk comps her a hotel night, and free tour of the control tower.


On their tower tour, they meet Bob. He's a nice guy and loves his job. He has an internet girlfriend. She's famous, and writes him all the time from Paris. Some day they hope to meet.


That's Ben. He's new.


A neat place, this tour sure makes up for the cancelled flight!


Done with the tour Bill and Mary head through the Hotel Atrium, toward the Lobby.


It's so pleasant in here, you almost don't need a vacation!


The Hotel Receptionist informs them that there are no rooms available, of course. But they'll be ready in an hour or so.


What happens in Legoland stays in Legoland

(but someone has to clean it up)


Friendly hotel guests...




Bill & Mary take in a show at the Hotel Lounge. Is that really the infamous Baron Von Baron?


At last! Their room is ready. Mary grabs some toiletries while Bill sits down to read his free info pamphlet. "Lego Planes and you..."


They get an idea! Bill and Mary rush down to the Duty Free Wine-Beer-LEGO shop!


And clean out every set they have.


More parts ordered on Ebay - they eagerly await their delivery.


Yet more parts arrive!


Bigger ones by train.


Bill & Mary begin construction and quickly outgrow their room.


Heading down to the Executive Terminal. "Excuse us. Pardon me. Excuse me..."


What a great book. You really can build anything.


Bill and Mary take a break for ice cream.


The model hanging over the main lobby provides inspiration for their creation, while Mary seeks out advice on flying from what seems like he must be the wisest person in the airport.


They get in line to register their flight plan.


Bill & Mary you're cleared for runway 1-3-Left.

("Thanks, Bob")


Bill & Mary are on their way!


But... Where did they go??

Thanks for looking! About a year and a half and around 20,000 LEGO elements (including 600 transparent blue panels) went into the creation of this airport. Around half of them were used in the detail work. To see birds-eye views of the overall airport, see http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/14952

(Think I'm going to move that one here too - so far this seems so much better!)

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I saw your post on the Bricklink forum yesterday. A lot of excellent work there, I am sure the photos while excellent themselves dont show half the glory of this. Great presentation with the storyline also. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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wooow!! this is huge! I love everything about airports! fantastic work and very funny story!

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Wow! Absolutley wonderful moc. Both the exterioir design and architectural style are amazing. The interior detail adn story are very well done. I love the photocopy machine.

There is so much to see in this moc I am sure i missed a bit. well done!

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Incredible. Whilst the pictures are great, I can't help but feel they only show a small fraction of this amazing airport. The model must look great and well worth the time of construction and planning.

As for the little story, it really made me chuckle, some of the sheer silliness in the scenes cracked me up (a chicken on the tracks!!).

Good effort, you've made the thought of my impending nightshift tonight a lot more bearable :laugh:

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I felt I was watching a TV sit-com, EXCELLENT 'Michael S' what a story and what a fusion of actual sets....classic town and city with you own MOC's...and man, AWESOME MOC's.

The thing that impresses me the most is your photography, some of the best I've seen.

Keep them comming 'Michael' and Brick On ! :grin:

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Thank you!

Since the closeup shots don't really give you the whole perspective, here's the birdseye views.

The entire structure sits on a little over 5 baseplates x 4.5 baseplates, making for around 23 baseplates of area. It's built on a custom table in our living room that comes apart, into a 45"x70" board with 2x2 structural supports. This would fit as a solid assembly in the back of our car with minimal dismantling. There are 2 baseplates to spare along the edge, these will eventually be a huge cargo center full of cranes and docks (where you currently see the little Delivery Center).

Birds-Eye views...




The Underpass, for pedestrian pickup and dropoff...




Runways, complete with appropriate RAIL and PAP lighting...




I have a few photos of the work in progress from way back, I'll post those in a bit too. :)

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Now that airport is the finest I have ever seen in Lego and with such detail....., you have really raised the bar on this one. :grin:

How does the rest of your city look.....just as good as this ? :grin:

Again, Brick On 'Michael S' ! :grin:

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This is amazing. I am just speachless with all of the details and work that went into this. The story is fantastic as well. Great work!! Would love to see more adventures at the airport.

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The architecture is brilliant. All the curved structures make this so realistic and adds a whole new level of depth. I love the shot of the underpass - those angled beams look so cool! On top of that, you've managed to incorporate all sorts of transit systems into this one terminal. That's certainly something you don't see everyday in LEGO.

The story was very funny too, reminded me of the little cartoons that always appear in the LEGO magazines :grin:

Added to my favorite creations on MOCPages. We need to see more from you :laugh:

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Brilliant! The story was fun, and the model was phenomenal! Such detail! Very expertly done. I like how you mixed in non-town minifigures to give it a very zany feel--it captured the LEGO spirit.

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Let me just add to the praise. It's huge, it's realistic, and it's wonderfully detailed. Fabulous, and an architectural masterpiece in Lego bricks. All those window panels really make this thing stand out. And...


I really love those decorational beams. Fantastic detail.

Edited by L@go

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WOW!!! I really love the architecture of this airport! I also love the story of Bill & Mary's trip to the airport! :) One part of this huge airport caught my attention... Overhead detail. Can you please take a closeup picture of overhead detail? I like to see how you did it. Great job! :)

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Wow, this is simply an amazing airport set-up, every bit of detail was truly enjoyable to look at, and the overall design is a fantastic fusion of modern architecture with classic elements. Mightily impressive work Michael S, thank you for sharing this to EB. :thumbup:

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That is an amazing creation! Kudos! I enjoyed the story as well. I hope you will post your other creations here too. I am intrigued by your skyscrapers that appear in the background of a few of your shots.

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This is incredible! :sweet:

What a glorious way for Bill and Mary to return, I've missed them so much. TLG should print this as a new idea book. Seriously. :thumbup:

Thank you for sharing it!

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I am a huge fan of City Airport MOCs and your MOC is just the right illustration for what a LEGO International Airport Terminal ought to be. :thumbup:

You made very good use of clear window panels for the airport terminal and expand them on different levels along with the main highlights such as the detailed control tower, runway, passenger counters, airside operations, etc.

Furthermore, the presentation is very interesting too. Thanks for sharing and welcome to Eurobricks.

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You did an amazing job with this airport. Unlike any LEGO airport i've ever seen. Lots of great details and full of trans light blue awesomeness. I love how the shuttle goes into the structure. :thumbup:

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Great little story. Your airport looks great and I especially like the attention to detail regarding the interior. Excellent job.

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This is absolutely incredible. The standard on EB is high enough already, but as lightningtiger pointed out, you've really raised the bar. The structure, the architecture, the details (omg, the DETAILS!!!), the comedy, the story, the photographs... it's almost too much for my brain. PLEASE don't ever stop, give us more!

Thank you so much for sharing this.

(and after months of lurking, your MOC has forced my to make my first post: THAT's how good it is) ha ha

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