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Matsuoka Nui

My arts/mocs on the D-List

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Haha...D-list...xD (long story...behind that unless if you know what the term refers to...)

*sigh* I haven't been here for almost...a year? :wacko: lol, for now, I'm back but I will be out for a while again. Sorry for all of the confusions that I've left behind (from stories that may seemed awkward to artworks that were like...trash?) :sadnew:

So I see that this whole website has changed...not only for what's been happening to Bionicle but the rest of this place (anyone want to tell me anything what's been happening?)

Anyway enough creativity here last time was a bit eh...but I've been practicing on many things, some were new stories, others on some MOCS and anime/manga stylized artworks

Part 1: Arts (Anime/Human Bionicle Related)

*Lost Friends (Tera, Oris, and Likus):

*iJungle (Element Lord of Jungle w/ headphones):

*Power of the Sand (EL of Sand w/ Bota and Aqua Magna):

*Opposing Views Makuta Teridax (Journey's End):

*Opposing Views Mata Nui (Journey's End):

Oh and one more thing...^^

My First set like drawing of Gelu and The Yesterday Quest:

Part 2: MOCs from the Past

*Princess Sakari (Daughter of Mata Nui and Skralla):




*Light Garaxial:


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