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In the 1930's during the Baron's reign of terror of Europe, a group of young women practicing in college as scientists and technicians formed an elite group of sky pirates known as Valkyries, also developing the first jet engines, and guided bombs and missiles.

They developed the Tigermoth as a quick strike fighter and interceptor, and ended up making it capable of so very much more, taking great pains to keep their project top secret. They bred a perfect interceptor, lightning quick and maneuverable, as well as being perfect for swarm tactics, and put it into the field immediately to go to war in the skies.

Without further ado, some stats:

Max Altitude: 30,000 ft.

Speed: 600 mph

Range: 1000 miles.

Crew: 1.

Armament: 2 50 cal. machine guns, 1 nose mounted 30 mm cannon.

now on to pics!

First off an angled pic(I'm getting all artsy, huh?)


Now a head-on shot:


A side view shot:


And finally a rear shot! (I must admit, I simply love how well the engine integrated with the rest of the design!!)


And now to break the fourth wall. (Wow, no vortex or black hole this time? I'm getting better at this...) I simply love how well this little build came out, as when I first went to work on it my main idea was to build a fighter out of table scraps from my desk, and that is exactly how this beauty came about, sheer junk pile pieces! She came out exactly right to, with one of her main inspirations being the Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Rocket propelled Interceptor. I hope you all enjoy her!

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A sleek design. You've used all those slopes very good to result in a nice shape. :classic: I would use a different colour for the guns, however, to give them more contrast from the rest of the ship. The same silver/pearl colour as you used for the "exhausts" in the middle would be a suitable colour. :classic:


~ Christopher

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I simply love the overall smoothness and all-white goodness of this plane Fires-storm. Very nice design for the rear tail and engines too. Good job! :thumbup:

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