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LDD Collectable Minifigures MOC: Aircraft Engine Repair

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If you still want to show what you designed for the current contest but can't get the bricks needed in time to enter it, go ahead and post your stuff here to give others inspiration!

(Note that LDD entries aren't accepted as official entries for the contest.)

Here's one for Category A, the minifig it's for is the Pilot.

Yup, it's all within the limits of 8-wide, over hang of 1 stud. I'm surprised at how much can be added to a scene this small. Yeah it's kinda bland, and the base could use some work. I'm not sure what other colors I could have used for an old shop though. Added a sepia picture to simulate "oldness" lol.


That's an old airplane engine on a hydraulic lift, the brown sack is to put tools while working on it when on the ladder.


I based the engine on this:

Looking at it again, I'd replace the black cylinder in front with two black studs, and oops, I accidentally silvered a black stud. :tongue:

EDIT By Rufus: Since no-one followed your lead, and in order to index your MOC, I've renamed your thread so it's just about you :sweet:

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Indexed and renamed the thread

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