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"Red Sea Stinger" Wip

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[pid][/pid] 119B

hi it's me Kevin again.

here is my small gaff/square rigged sloop for my imperial guards faction. as i didn't have the fortune of buying a 6271 ship, i had to build my own!! lol. the front and back hulls were from the time-traveller ship that i bought at a flea market for a cheap song, together with a mass of other bricks and parts.


i brickbuilt the center hull, and plated the joint. 3 cannon ports were designed for the broadside, and little cannons were MOC, using Tazmanic's moc, plus the wonderful indexed thread of many people's work on this forum.


the sails were printed on drawing paper because of their rigidity. again, using the templates found here. i realised the aft sail became a lateen instead of a square, and it is also bigger than the mainsail :0 , something is wrong with the size of the uploaded jpgs, remember to edit the image size if you wish to print exactly the same sized sails as original

the foresail is attached via chains


aft sail using long rods ( i ran out of rods for the top mast hehehe)

main sail using the new masts, technic parts and more rods


the stairs was clipped on, and the main mast was made of 2x2 barrels, with a technic rod running through the center for strnegth


the tail end was made to represent some whalebone structure..


the small and squeezing poopdeck


beneath the poop deck is a small cabin. i have yet to decide what to build inside. since its small, probably a dining table, some arm chairs, a treasure chest and map. open for ideas what can fit in a small cabin


the figurehead is a red scorpion, overdone i know yes, but suits the red coats. and suits my wordplay - is it the red sea's stinger; or a red, sea stinger? hehehe.



again, this is still a wip, i will probably add more slopes on the edge of the hulls, and add some plates over the gun deck to give it a semi covered deck like the BSB.

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This is interesting.

You can tell you made it only with available pieces but it still looks like a classic pirates ship. I like the sail design and the mini cannon design you used, along with the stern and sails. Good work. :cannon:

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